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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 2:35pm


Forge a higher-quality Gem by combining three Gems of the same quality.
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 2:21pm

Rule of Three

Unlock 3 Gem slots.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 10:12am

Best Defense

Equip 3 Siege Upgrades on an Assault Team.
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 1:38pm

Fit for War

Complete a challenge to upgrade a piece of gear.
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 5:01pm

Hostile Takeover

Defeat a Warchief.
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 3:20pm


Destroy a Monument.
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 2:40pm

Speak Friend and Enter

Open one of the Ithildin Doors.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 10:23am

Bound by Blood

Complete an Online Vendetta.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 2:23pm


Complete a Vendetta Mission.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 6:42am

Master Forger

Forge a top tier Gem.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 8:13am

Promise Keeper

Issue a Death Threat, and then successfully kill the target.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 10:02am

Death is not the End

Resurrect a Follower Captain.
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 3:24pm


Disable an Outpost.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 6:03am


Defeat Suladân.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 6:29am

Brought to Heel

Defeat Helm Hammerhand.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 4:54pm

Lord of Horror

Defeat the Balrog.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 4:15pm

Finished Tales

Recover all Gondorian artifacts.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 7:02pm

The Web Revealed

Uncover the final Shelob memory and reveal the Web of Fate.
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 6:17pm

What Once Was Lost

Complete Act I.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 10:48am

First Steps

Conquer the Fortress of Núrnen.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 10:40am

Peace in Death

Complete the Shadow Wars.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 7:36pm

Undeath Defeats Undeath

Complete all Carnán quests.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 6:59pm

Fall and Rise

Complete all Brûz quests.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 7:54am

No Orc Lives Forever

Win all Fight Pit missions.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 7:15am

Forged by War

Unlock all player skills.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 3:16pm


Purify all the Haedir.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 7:37am

Stalemate is Victory

Defeat the Witch-king and reclaim Minas Morgul.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 2:05pm

Such Great Heights

Reach the rank of Captain in Online Conquest.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 8:49am

No Orc Left Behind

Rescue a Follower who's been captured.
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 4:55pm

Better Luck Next Time

Meet an Enemy or a Follower who has cheated death.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 10:39am

It Came From Within

Start a Conquest with all Warchiefs as spies.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 9:43am

I Like to Watch

Watch a Follower murder another Captain without helping him.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 1:12pm

Second Age Warrior

Complete all Shadow of the Past missions in one region.
Unlocked Jul 23 @ 3:06am

Feed the Beasts

Attract every kind of beast using bait.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 5:25am

The Stuff of Legend

Equip a full Legendary Gear set as Talion.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 11:51am

Follower Perks

Use a Training Order to give a Follower a gang.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 6:58am


Recruit a Follower of every Advanced Class.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 4:27pm

For Gondor

Complete all Gondor quests.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 7:14am

Banish the Darkness

Complete all Eltariel quests.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 1:16pm

Flash Mob

Blind 100 Orcs.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 1:52pm

Banished Ambition

Defeat the Rogue Nazgûl.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 1:12pm

Scorched Earth

Deny Sauron’s control of Seregost forever.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 12:56pm

Holding the Line

Defend Cirith Ungol from a new threat.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 1:29pm

Problem Solved

Settle the Fixer’s score with the overlord of Núrn.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 1:58pm

The Time has Come

Witness the end of Eltariel’s path.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 2:15pm

Elven Conquest

Complete an Online Conquest with an Eltariel skin.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 12:30pm

Complete in Defeat

Defeat the Lawless.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 12:36pm

Unlikely Alliances

Recruit your first follower as Eltariel.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 7:08pm

No Way Out

Change the landscape of Lithlad.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 7:14pm

Belly of the Beast

Leave your mark on the Overlord of Lithlad.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 7:34pm

Festival of Blood

Save Serka.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 7:37pm

Point of No Return

Defend the Oasis.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 6:31pm


Collect all Númenórean artifacts and bring them to Torvin.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 6:49pm


Kill at least one enemy with each ammo type while gliding as Baranor.
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 5:23am

Eastern Front

Conquer the Fortress of Shindrâm as Talion.

The Operative

Turn all of a Warchief's bodyguards (minimum 2) into spies, then confront him.

Power Couple

Send a Follower to support another Follower in a Nemesis Mission.
0 / 1

Everything is Permitted

Shame an Assassin until he becomes deranged.

Life of the Party

Send a Destroyer on a Vendetta Mission.

If You Can't Beat Them

Recruit an Orc after he's killed you three or more times.

Rough Rider

Ride every type of beast and rare beast.
6 / 7

Wild Things

Kill a drake while riding a graug.


Kill a Captain while riding an Olog.

Vertical Mobility

Help a grunt become an Overlord.

Blood on Blood

Make a Captain kill his bloodbrother.


Encounter the same Orc 3 times in nemesis missions without killing him.

Bad Boss

Strike a Follower until he's had enough.
0 / 1


Send a Follower to kill another Follower in a pit fight.

I See the Light

Use Light Trap against 20 Orcs.
1 / 20

Reap What You Sow

Conquer the Fortress of Shindrâm as Baranor.

Baranor the Conqueror

Complete the Desolation of Mordor with a Gold Rating.

Shadows of the Sand

Achieve a Gold Rating on all Shadow of the Past missions in Lithlad.
5 / 6