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Personal Achievements

Shard Snack

256 Powershards collected.

Shard TV Dinner

512 Powershards collected.

Glyph Freak

64 Glyphs converted.

Glyph Freak Deluxe

128 Glyphs collected.

Hit And Runner

128 kills achieved.

1000 Mile Stare

256 kills achieved.

Behemoth Takedown

Behemoth takedown achieved.

Stepped On Something

Behemoth takedown by minelaying.

Basic Training Ok

Basic training passed.

All Transports Away!

All transports evacuated safely.

A Full Rack

All upgrades + sub-upgrades installed.

Big Boy Be Gone!

Megaron Tank takedown achieved.

The Big Bang

Nuke launched.

I Am Sheep Master

Completed the ride first time.

Bit Brain

Bit Brain rank achieved.

Two Bit Unit

Two Bit Unit rank achieved.

Can Read Write

Can Read Write rank achieved.


ChipHead rank achieved.

Full Access

Full Access rank achieved.

64 Bit Reaper

64 Bit Reaper rank achieved.

128 Bit Hardened

128 Bit Hardened rank achieved.

128 Bit Deathtank

128 Bit Deathtank rank achieved.

128 Bit Overlord

128 Bit Overlord rank achieved.

256 Bit Supreme

256 Bit Supreme rank achieved.

Trooper of the Resistance

Trooper of the Resistance medal awarded (easy difficulty).

Hero of the Resistance

Hero of the Resistance medal awarded (normal difficulty)..

Saviour of the Resistance

Saviour of the Resistance medal awarded (hard difficulty)..