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Personal Achievements

Two moves one cup!

Enjoy 10 nice and platonic cups of coffee

I know Kung-fu

Finish the tutorial

As sly as a fox

Level-up for the first time

Training montage is over

Reach level 10


Successfully complete your first mission online as a Hacker

I am Hackerman!

Get your first S rank as a Hacker

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Successfully complete your first mission online as the Stealth-agent


Get your first S rank as a Stealth-agent

Free like the river

Set your partner free for the first time

The fast and the furrious

Set your partner free less than 1 second before the end

I am special

Earn 10 S ranks


Save your partner by slaming a door 20 times

The great escape

Deactivate 20 times an antivirus while it was putting your hacker in quarantine

Worst dynamic duo ever

In one mission, set your partner free 3 and get liberated 3 times

Nearly a cat-astrophy huh

Deactivate an alarm less than one second before the end

Look! A Distraction

Create 50 diversions as the hacker

You hack people. I hack time

Complete a mission in less than 5 minutes

Sorry bro!

Complete a mission with your partner in jail

it's Groundhog Day Again

Play the same mission again and do a better score

Catch me if you can

Complete a mission with an alarm on

Mission: possible

Complete a mission without getting caught

A very particular set of skills

Start a mission with three skills selected

Trained monkey

Use every skills once, in a completed mission

Like cats and dogs

Complete a mission with a better score than you partner

You are the one Neo

Complete 10 missions with a better score than you partner

Well done partner

Play online with a partner

Are we still friends

Play the local mode with partner

The blue pill

Complete 10 missions as the Hacker

The Red pill

Complete 10 missions as the stealth-agent

Right down in the rabbit hole

Steal 1 Tb of confidential datas

1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d 4 l1f3

Steal 20 Tb of confidential datas

You're not the boss of me now

Hack 1 boss computer in the boss takedown missions

Who's the boss?

Hack 20 boss computers in the boss takedown missions

The Fantastic fur

Fully customize your character

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