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Personal Achievements

Second Blood

Kill two enemies

Machete Kills Again

Kill 70 enemies with machete

Underworld Rising

Kill 50 enemies while in Jeff’s wolfe form

Sub Zero

Freeze 50 enemies

28 Deaths Later

Die 28 times


Have $2 000 in hand

VHM Otaku

Collect all VHM issues

Django Chained

Kill 25 Zombies Django with chainsaw

I will not kill anyone(no)

Kill 50 enemies using Hawk MM1

Dead Man’s Booty

Collect $500 from the coffins

Bride's Revenge

Kill 98 enemies with katana

XXX Hot Chilli Burger

Collect 50 peppers

We've got explosives!

Kill 7 enemies with a single barrel explosion

Keep Rocking

Restore 5000 health points total

Tomb Raider

Find 13 secrets


Perform Massacre x100

No Brains!

Perform 1000 headshots total

Tequila Bum

Collect 50 tequila bottles in one game


Kill the Rat King

End Of Red Faction

Kill the Foreman


Kill the Widow

Leather Face Off

Kill the Chainsaw Juggler

Sweet Dreams

Kill the Hog Rider

Rest in Peace

Kill the Undertaker

Last Blood

Kill the Green Beret

Payback Time

Kill The Space Hunter

The Last Stand

Kill the Super Mutant

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