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This Seems Fun

First Solve
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I Like This, I Like This

5 Solved
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I Think I'm Hooked

10 Solved
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Can I Have Some More, Please?

25 Solved
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50 Solved
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So THAT'S Why It's Called Infini...

100 Solved
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Everyone Needs To Start Somewhere...

3x3 or Bigger Completed

Very Easy

5x5 or Bigger Completed


10x10 or Bigger Completed


15x15 or Bigger Completed


25x25 or Bigger Completed

Now We're Talking

50x50 or Bigger Completed

Are You Mad..?

99x50 (or 50x99) or Bigger Completed

Just One More

One Continue
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Coming, Let Me Just Finish This One

5 Continues in a Row
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The Sun..? What Time Is It?

10 Continues in a Row
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I Can Do It Better

Reset a Filled Grid

See? THIS Is How It Should Look

Create a Theme

Looks Much Better Now

Change Theme

Making The Gears Turn

Use The Workshop

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