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Personal Achievements


Complete the training mission.

Paid Intern

Complete the training mission with a Superior performance review.

QA Specialist

Find the secret in the training mission.

Financial Advisor

Earn your first million in your career.
0 / 1,000,000

Aerospace Mechanic

Unlock all ships.

Firearms Engineer

Unlock all weapons.

Computer Scientist

Unlock all modules.

Autopsy Technician

Destroy an enemy from the afterlife.

Claims Analyst

Crash into 3 enemies using the Rhino's charge in one life.

Security Chief

Win a round of Team Dogfight while you are the last one left.


Complete the campaign.


Complete every campaign mission with a Superior performance review.

Ace Pilot

Complete the campaign on Ironman mode.

Camping Instructor

Complete all 3 solo Gauntlet missions.


Download and play a Workshop level from the in-game browser.


Destroy an enemy player who has a quad damage power up.

Repossession Agent

Defeat the Harrier.

Private Investigator

Defeat the Master.

Demolitions Technician

Defeat the Cruiser.

Technology Remarketing Specialist

Complete any solo Gauntlet level without building any stations or turrets.