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Personal Achievements


Combine two items in the inventory


Drink 50 potions
0 / 50


Craft potions or arrows with alchemy


Recicle 10 or more items at once


Have 10 or more potion effects at the same time

Library Rat

Read all the books and notes

Fire Mastery

Kill 100 enemies with Fire spells
0 / 100

Ice Mastery

Kill 100 enemies with Ice spells
0 / 100

Earth Mastery

Kill 100 enemies with Earth spells
0 / 100

Electric Mastery

Kill 100 enemies with Electric spells
0 / 100


Purchase all the talents in one talent tree

Iron Forge

Repair the broken lever

Hocus Pocus

Solve the Armory doors puzzle

Maze Runner

Find the Dungeon exit without the Map


Solve all the Barracks riddles with no mistakes

Demolition Man

Clear the path to the Dungeon


Disable the corridor traps without taking damage

No Frost

Kill the Executioner without being frozen


Use the correct wine bottles with no mistakes

The Floor is Lava

Kill the Chef without taking damage from the fire on the ground


Pick up 10 fruits
0 / 10

Fire Fighter

Turn off all the gas valves in the Kitchen


Pick up and clean 5 dirty bottles
0 / 5

Jokes on You

Kill the Jester without using potions

Lights Out

Disable one energy field

Friday 13th

Kill 13 Chainsaw enemies
0 / 13


Kill the X-9000 without taking damage from lightning towers


Solve the three fuse puzzles


Press 5 buttons in less than 10 seconds

Not the Bees!

Kill 10 Beehives
0 / 10

Half Blood Prince

Mix the Herbicide vials without reading the formula

Miss the Moss

Dissolve the door moss

Runic Treasure

Open all the locked rune rooms


Kill the Golem without beign poisoned


Gather all the Emeralds


Kill the Elemental Guardian


Kill the Chef

Why so serious?

Kill the Jester

O'Captain My Captain

Kill the Black Knight

Death Wish

Kill the Executioner

Without Hacks

Kill the X-9000


Kill the Librarian

Rock 'n' Roll

Kill the Golem

The Last Nightingale

Complete the game in any difficulty

I need a Hero

Complete the game in Hero Difficulty

Gotta Go Fast

Complete the game in less than 4 hours


Complete the game without dying


Reach the max level

Bomber Man

Kill the Black Knight without exploding any box/crate of bombs

Wisdom Trials

Complete the Wisdom Trials

Master Alchemist

Complete the Wisdom Trials in Hero difficulty

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