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Almost like DLC

Complete deleted chase scene and interactive trailer

Bad lighting

Fine, you got me...

Bleeding out

Too bad you got shot...

Cheap motel

Find a place to spend the night

Crushed hopes

Survive the final attack

Dodging bullets

Complete the game without dying

Grave silence

Time to play gravedigger...


Find all the little aliens. You can interact with 12 of them. Group counts as well!

It's not over

Maybe he was telling the truth?

It's not that simple, huh?

View all the extras

On the loose

Escape from the building

Joining the force

Give up...

Survival instinct

Pick every decision that will get you killed

Rejecting the offer

Show them what you think

Stealing to survive

They surely have too much, right?

Thanks for playing

You've uncovered all ATtY secrets. You're awesome!

The fall

That's the last time you see those leaves...

The war has begun

Escape from the forest

There's still hope

Ghost town?

Toilet break

That's why he's moving like that. He needs a few minutes.

Truth behind development

Unlock all the extras

Welcome to Yugoslavia

Meet your inevitable end

I told you to be outside the frame!

Keep you eyes peeled. Something's not right in the background...


He's always watching... Even if you're playing a different game!

For honor

That was a good fight


He was stronger than you...

False Courage

At least you saved his life.

Rodion Execution

You survived, but you'll be remembered as a traitor.

Final Sacrifice

Was it worth it?

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer

Die three times during tutorial.

The Arrival

Beat forest stage

No Teletubbies here

Beat grassland stage

Return to Castle Wolf---oh wait...

Beat ruins stage

Where's that batcave again?

Beat cave stage

Cursed Mountain, I guess.

Beat mountain stage

Welcome to Dubai, gentleman.

Beat desert stage


Beat sea stage

The Flash of Awesomeness

Defeat the final boss with Dimitri as a Photographer

Assassin's Grind

Defeat the final boss with Dimitri as an Assassin

Soldier of Re-supplying

Defeat the final boss with Dimitri as a Soldier

Master of Full-Auto

Defeat the final boss with Ivan as a Soldier

Sniper Dumblite

Defeat the final boss with Ivan as a Sniper

The Syringe of heroism

Defeat the final boss with Ivan as a Medic

Thief 5: Death Bringer

Defeat the final boss with Rodion as a Thief

Captain Yugoslavia

Defeat the final boss with Rodion as a Captain

The Magician and The Wheel of Fate

Defeat the final boss with Rodion as a Mage

Harry POTter

Mix 30 items

Dude, we're not playing Skyrim!

Resupply 30 times

I'm doing this for GIL and EXP

Defeat 100 enemies