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Personal Achievements

The Portal

Discover what's on the other side.

Opening the Way.

Complete Act 1.

Depths of Calamity

Complete Act 2.

Sombre Stronghold

Complete Act 3.

Secrets of Time

Complete Act 4.


Complete the game on any difficulty mode.


Complete the game on Normal difficulty or above.


Complete the game on Dismal.

The Lost

Discover the fate of lost soldiers who went to scout in Keldyn Village.

Power of The Orbs

Find the mystical orbs in Zhierdan Forest.

Sorak's Ring

Acquire Sorak's Ring relic.

Shadows of Sanaya

Acquire Sanaya's Dagger relic.

Blood Brothers

Uncover the fate of this timeline's Kizu and Habach.

The Cleansing

Destroy all 3 ratman nests in the Capital Streets.

Vision and Reality

Scout Elpar Outpost and loot every chest in it.

Bane of Man

Help Igara take down a ferocious beast and claim the reward.

Pain of the Past

Head into the mysterious Temple of Horenth and acquire Atormu's Amulet relic.

The Fallen Hero

Pay your respects to a special hero.

Helping Hands

Locate any survivors in Ettais Village.

Fed and Watered

Find and deliver the food rations located in the Capital Outskirts (act 5).

Gusts and Gales

Acquire Lelani's Legband.

Abomination Hunter

Defeat the Abomination on any difficulty.

Abomination Killer

Defeat the Abomination on Normal difficulty or above.

Abomination Slayer

Defeat the Abomination on Dismal difficulty.

Tactical Approach

Use telekinesis to destroy 10 groups of enemies.

Fists of Ruin

Use Habach's shortcuts skill to smash down doors, walls or other obstacles 10 times.

Energy Channeler

Acquire Erdan's Headband relic.

Meat Shield

Acquire Talhar's Shield relic.

Emergency Healing

Acquire Inelda's Medallion relic.

Solid Defence

Defeat Nodan on Normal difficulty or above without any of the party members getting K.O.

Darkness is my Ally

In the fight against Calantha and Alear, have either Calantha or Alear spend at least 6 turns in the Dimmed state.


Save Anrid and Kanden from a corrupting spell.

Time is a Healer, not a Killer

Defeat the Time Guardian on Normal difficulty or above without any of the party members getting K.O.

A Good Beating

Win the final 1 on 1 battle on Normal difficulty or above without dropping below 50% health.

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