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Personal Achievements

Sharpened Swords

Apply the Sharpened Swords Upgrade.


Recruit squad Peasants.

Empty throne

Win the Empty Throne scenario.

Art of War

Complete all main and additional goals in any scenario.


Recruit squad Militia

Dart Throwers

Recruit squad Dart Throwers

Hansa Pikemen

Recruit squad Hansa Pikemen


Recruit squad Swordsmen

Sun Phalanx

Recruit squad Sun Phalanx

Town Guards

Recruit squad Town Guards

Northern Archers

Recruit squad Northern Archers

Mesopotamian Archers

Recruit squad Mesopotamian Archers

Hansa Crossbowmen

Recruit squad Hansa Crossbowmen

Hansa Musketeers

Recruit squad Hansa Musketeers


Recruit squad Landsknechts

War Elephants

Recruit squad War Elephants

Baronial Squad

Recruit squad Baronial Squad

Free Riders

Recruit squad Free Riders

Twinrivers Templars

Recruit squad Twinrivers Templars

Improved Bows

Apply the Improved Bows Upgrade

Penetrating Arrows

Apply the Penetrating Arrows Upgrade

Sturdy Harness

Apply the Sturdy Harness Upgrade

Training Ground

Apply the Training Ground Upgrade

Practice Range

Apply the Practice Range Upgrade


Apply the Stables Upgrade

Sturdy Shields

Apply the Sturdy Shields Upgrade


Apply the Breastplates Upgrade

Lightweight Armor

Apply the Lightweight Armor Upgrade

Stronger Skins

Apply the Stronger Skins Upgrade

Chain Mails

Apply the Chain Mails Upgrade

High-Quality Steel

Apply the High-Quality Steel Upgrade

Light Armor

Apply the Light Armor Upgrade


Hire the General of the Galloglass mercenary squad

Seniors Condottieres

Hire the General of the Seniors Condottieres mercenary squad

Black company

Hire the General of the Black company mercenary squad


Hire the General of the Brabansons mercenary squad

Last breath

Execute 25 enemy generals

With fire and sword

Conquer 25 towns

Knee Deep in Blood

Conquer 50 towns

With your Shield or on your Shield

Refuse to ransom 25 of your generals from captivity

Loyalty Is Honor

Ransom 25 of your generals from captivity

Skill Over Numbers

Skill Over Numbers


Add 10 generals from the scenarios to the Pantheon

Heavenly Host

Hired 10 Classic Generals


Hire 50 mercenary squad generals


Conquer 100 provinces


Conquer 500 provinces


Conquer 1000 provinces


Conquer all provinces in one of the scenarios


Conquer all towns in one of the scenarios


Take 50 enemy generals captive


Take 250 enemy generals captive


Take 500 enemy generals captive

As the War Goes, the Money Flows

Save up 5,000 silver in one scenario

Money Is the Sinews of War

Spend 15,000 silver in one scenario

A Peck of Salt

Upgrade your squad to Level 9