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Personal Achievements

All this power … from a crystal?

Got the generator working


Found Arthur

Avoided the consequences

Let Dougal take the blame


Overcome hurdles at the dam

Godspeed Sir Fuzzlepuff

Travelled to Clonfira as Lily

I did this all by myself

Make breakfast

I'm gonna call you Bugsy

Made a new friend

Involving a certain microwave casserole

Ruined lunch

It's dangerous to go alone

Ask for a solution

Let go of my hand

Didn't ask for any solutions


Helped Merr fix a machine and return home

Never suspected a thing

Took out the informant

Not too late

Saved Aidan

Now, I am alone

Gave Merr wanted he wanted… sort of

Probably used a walkthrough

Didn't ask for any hints

The Little Speedrun

Beat the game in less than 1 hour

There and back again

Complete The Little Acre

Welcome to Clonfira

Travelled to Clonfira as Aidan

Wibble wobble

Apparently you’re ready for this jelly

Welcome to The Little Acre

Get dressed without waking Lily

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