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Personal Achievements

First Blood

Defeat a hero

Taste of Evil

Trigger an Evil Power

The Green Goblin

Recruit Bonehead the Goblin Shaman

The Dark Elf

Recruit Violet the Dark Elf

The Exiled Mage

Recruit Greybeard the Exiled Mage

The Ambush

Complete Chapter 7


The hardest choice to make


The cruellest choice to make


The easiest choice to make

All the Books

Collect all three of Greybeard's books in one campaign

Merchant Farming

Complete two Merchant quests in one campaign

Crossing the Sage Twice

Complete two Sage quests in one campaign

Hero Quests

Complete two Hero Party quests in one campaign

Red Dragon

Unlock the Red Dragon power

Iron Golem

Unlock the Iron Golem power

Horned Demon

Unlocked the Horned Demon power

Return of the King

Achieve either of the good endings

Completely Corrupted

Achieve the evil ending