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From the Shadows

Survive the attack on city of Halpan.

Sinister Scheme

Complete Act 1

Joint Effort

Complete Act 2

All at Once

Complete Act 3


Complete the game


Take care of the fungus problem in one of Pelstar’s mines.

Just a Job

You’ll hear of him again

Not Outgunned

Gain access into the supply building in Crathrak facility.

Cloud of Death

Fix the gas leak in Epsilan sewer.

Out of Control

Help General Seraphia by sabotaging enemy units in Epsilan.

Cyber Secrets

Cyberspace harbours some interesting information.


The fungus problem is a lot bigger than we thought.


Help the troopers to catch the Leech.


Rescue the stranded survivors aboard Oasis spaceship.

Dormant and Deadly

Disable the reactor in Solpar Waste Disposal Plant.

Master Hacker

Complete every single hacking mini-game.

Meet Bron

Customer satisfaction is most important to us.


Acquire the aid of all the possible troopers for the Gaia battle.


Have The Watcher burned, frostbit, plasma burned, and acid burned at the same time (any fight).

Invasive Methods

Defeat the Watcher (second fight) without removing his protective barrier.

Your System Needs an Upgrade

Destroy robot hangar defence system without any of your party members getting K.Oed.


Reflect The Wheel’s Overloaded state back at it.


Defeat The Watcher aboard the ship without using any of the health capsules.

Benefit of a Doubt

Talk to every rebel in the subway hideout.


Defeat the Waste Eater on Challenging mode.

Making a Stand

Defeat the final boss without any party members getting K.Oed.


Complete the game on Challenging mode

I’ve Got Your Back

Beat the mercenaries without either Anku or Mars getting K.Oed.

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