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Personal Achievements

Training Day

Complete the Tutorial


Complete All Bonus Objectives in a Mission at Once


Detect an Enemy With Augustus' Scout Ability

Eye Spy

Detect an Enemy With Zeke's Sensor

Shake It Off

Survive a Sniper's Bullet With Hoser's Tough ability

Here's Johnny!

Breach Through an Obstacle With Linus' Breach Ability

Blinding Light

Blind an Enemy With Denton's Flashbang

The Quick and the Dead

Hit an Enemy with Bodark's Disarming Shot Ability

The Aim-Team

Shoot an Enemy with Seraphim's Marksman Ability

Nowhere to Hide

Mark a Target with the Ares' Tracking Ability

Nothing To See

Evade an Enemy with Hyde's Vanish Ability

Making Contact

Kill an Enemy With The Baron's Impact Grenade

Too Close For Comfort

Kill an Enemy With Hudson's Proximity Mine

Judgement Day

Kill an Enemy With Hindenburg's Big Explosions Grenade

Practice Makes Perfect

Win 10 Practice Matches
0 / 10

First Blood

Win 1 Online Match
0 / 1

Rookie Tactian

Win 10 Online Matches
0 / 10

World Tour

Win an Online Match On All Maps
0 / 10

King of the Ring

Win 1 Cage Match
0 / 1

Welcome to the Party

Complete Your First Mission
0 / 1

We Do Take Out

Complete 5 Missions
0 / 5

Make The Kills To Pay The Bills

Complete 10 Missions
0 / 10

Halfway There

Complete 15 Missions
0 / 15

Grab Life By The Tacticals

Complete 20 Missions
0 / 20

Vengeance Served Cold

Kill the Cowboy (Complete Mission 30)
0 / 30

Bomber Men

Complete a Mission with 3 Bombers

Riding Shotgun

Complete a Mission with 3 Shotgunners

Triple Threat

Complete a Mission with 3 Snipers

¡Three Amigos!

Complete a Mission with 3 Gunmen

There Can Only Be One

Complete a Mission With Only One Merc

Veteran Tactician

Win 20 Online Matches
0 / 20

Master Tactician

Win 30 Online Matches
0 / 30

Elite Tactician

Win 50 Online Matches
0 / 50

Twisted Firestarter

Recruit Augustus

The Halo Effect

Recruit Seraphim

I Am The Danger

Recruit Hindenburg

Out of His Shell

Recruit Hudson

Not Your Buddy

Recruit Hoser

Now You See Me

Recruit Hyde

Big Bad Wolf

Recruit Bodark

GI Joker

Recruit Zeke