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Personal Achievements

Chef's Helper

Complete all quests from Chef El Franko.

Accomplice In Crime

Bail the Hobo out of prison.

Money to Spare

Buy a total of 10 burgers.

Rich Man

Save up a total of 500 coins.

Spider Slayer

Kill 10 Spiders.

Hawaiian Party

Complete all quests from the hawaiian girl.

Cozy and Warm

Equip the Boarskin hat.

Jump of Faith

Get the watermelon.

A Little Blue Friend

Catch the Blue Gweed.

Helmet of Victory.

Defeat The Florp General Boss.

A Little Green Friend

Catch the Green Gweed.


Cause a war.

Airship Engineer

Complete all quests from Master Mclean.

Master of the Skies

Defeat the Pirate Boss.

Jubilee Jam

Complete all quests from Frank.


Earn 40 coins from sheer luck.

Half Life

Get reduced to using a crowbar.

Sailing Is Fun

Complete all quests from the two fishers.

Old Man

Eat 100 plums.

Ready to Mine

Dress up in full mining gear.

Hostile Pet

Lure a crow home with you.

Bad Planning

Kill a Mini Florp with a wooden sword.

Honey Is Yummy

Eat some honey.

Save The Best For Last

Beat the game with the God Apple in your inventory.


Find out the secret code.

Flying Colours

Have all the three types of butterfly at the same time.

Crabby Slayer

Kill 5 Crabbies in a single playthrough.

Level 10

Reach level 10.

Double Jump

Get the Candy.

Flower Hunt

Complete all quests from the Florist.


Help start a new line of jam.

Green and Slimy

Clear the swamp of its frogs.

Spicket Glue

Complete all quests for the Glue Maker.


Visit Dream Land.

A Little Magenta Friend

Catch the magenta Gweed.

Bridge Builder

Complete all quests for the Builder.

Deep and Dark

Defeat the VeeZofooz Boss.

Red and Mushy

Kill 10 Shroom Slimes.

Glowing Head

Eat 20 Glowfruits.


Steal money while dressed as a pirate.

Spider or Cricket

Kill 20 Spickets.

Level 20

Reach level 20.


Make a Deal with the Florp General.

A Little Yellow Friend

Catch the Yellow Gweed.

Spooky Tree

Dress up in full aztek gear.


Make 30 kills with a bow.


Win the Daily Prize 3 times.


Buy a total of 100 tickets.

Lucky Thing

Win the Jackpot!


Light 50 creatures on fire.

Stone Destructor

Defeat the Rokinight Boss.

Hive Queen

Defeat the Queen Bee Boss

Big Bad Bird

Defeat Big Blue.


Gain Access to the Sunken Temple.

Rock On

Capture the Florp General.


Kill it.


Get the bloody knife.

Old Timer

Discover the Sepia effect.

Stinging Etle

Kill 10 Etle with the Bee Blade.

Default Breakfast

Eat Bacon and Eggs together.

Golden Tree

Find and equip all the secret Golden Gear.

Bad Tree

Disobey Mr. Tutorial in every way possible.

Bu Die Not Buddy

Harvest 20 Budi plants.


Wear the golden hat while being a gold colored tree.

Midnight Cruise

Go sailing at night.

Pack Rat

Have a full inventory and backpack.

I Hate Them

Kill 100 Piranha.

Stinging Hurts

Kill 20 Scorpions.

He Hates You

Level your Luck stat to level 10.

Basically a Farmer

Reach level 50.

Slumber Party

Have a sleep over at a party.

Tribal Boss

Equip full tribal gear.

Master Adventurer

Explore all the locations on the map.

Poisoned Mind

Eat 10 poison fruit.


Get every ending.


Confuse a shark.

Good Boy

Get a present from Santa.


Equip the Santa hat.

Sugar Makes You Smarter?

Eat 3 Gingerbread Formongers.

Escape Plan

Help the Formongers Escape Formagetus.

How Is This Good?

Get Sick.

Drug Addict

Try each type of pill.


Defeat the Mutated Formonger.


Dress up in Chinese warrior gear.

Bad Life Choices

Kill 20 Dark Beings...


Eat an orange.

A Legend Among Us

Get 20 kills with the Legendary Sword.


Freeze to death with a warm hat on.

Official Trader

Sell 100 items at the market.

Bee Angry

Kill 100 angry bees.

Pumpkin Offender

Offend a Pumpkin.

Secret Access

Gain access to the Hills Tower.

Apple Collector

Have all the colors of apples at the same time.