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Personal Achievements


Succeed at every heroquest
0 / 100

Clan Maker

Create a new clan by splitting

Tribe Maker

Forge other clans into a tribe


Have a clan leader elected as tribal queen

Ten Year Queen

Win the Ten Year Ring as tribal queen


Have a clan leader elected as tribal king

Ten Year King

Win the Ten Year Ring as tribal king

Queen of Dragon Pass

Become Queen of Dragon Pass

King of Dragon Pass

Become King of Dragon Pass


Complete the tutorial
0 / 100

Master Explorer

Explore the map of Dragon Pass
0 / 100

Cattle Raider

Succeed at five cattle raids in a row


Succeed at five raids in a row

Peace Clan Victory

Win as a peace clan


Have 25 points of clan magic
0 / 100

Peace Maker

End a feud


Hoard 25 treasures
0 / 100


Build a shrine to every deity
0 / 100


Learn every mystery
0 / 100

Fort Builder

Build every fortification
0 / 100

Hard Victory

Earn the Ten Year Ring at the Hard level

Hard Kingdom Victory

Become King or Queen of Dragon Pass at the Hard level


Give a clan a new name

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