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Earned 1000 Dollars

You have not failed immediately... Congratulations!

$20,000 in the bank!

You've saved your pennies and collected $20,000!

$100,000 in the bank!

By putting away a little something each week you have reached your goals of not being poor.

$1,000,000 in the bank!

Uncle Scrooge has nothing on you!

Reached Day 100

Longevity is its own reward.

Reached Day 1,000

Did you really play this long or did you fall asleep at the keyboard again?

The Saviour

You let those poor refugees into your station, they will probably die soon from lack of oxygen caused by overpopulation but you've done your best.

No Room Here

You monster.

Accepted Alien Literature

The Great Snarglefax of Klomtroon shall be full of wrath.

Rejected Alien Literature

The Great Snarglefax of Klomtroon will be pleased, you shall have a seat of honour by the side of Jibbers at The Great Kerfuffle!

Killed a Psychotic Guest

You've killed a lot of guests to get this far, at least this time you have a good excuse.

Reached the 13th Floor!

It may be bad luck to some, but you've built your station as high as the programmer would allow. Well done!

Egg Head

You researched every available tech!

Got a Permanent Resident!

Well... permanent until they die in a fire from your mismanagement.

Population of 4!

You managed to find four sentient beings in the universe who don't mind living in your station. Well done!

Population of 10!

Can you keep them alive?

Population of 20!

Please let me know how you did it....

Your First Visitor!

The first of many.

Ten tourists at one time!

You managed to keep ten guests alive at a given time, well done!

20 tourists at one time!

Not only did you manage to support 20 aliens in your station at one time, you found 20 who actually WANTED to come.


You are a god among station managers.

First Visitor Killed

You monster.

10 Visitors Killed

HINT: The oxygen should be on the inside of the station.

Mass Murderer

100 Kills is pretty impressive, but I'm sure you can do better!


You are a master in the art of failing as a station manager. Well done!

That's so metal

That's a lot of metal.