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Personal Achievements

Zombie Killer

Kill more than 9.000 Zombies

Bandit Killer

Kill more than 1.000 Bandits

Bullet Collector

Collect more than 50.000 Bullets

Treasure Hunter

Search more than 2.000 Objects

Veteran Survivor

Leave the city

Together We Are Strong

Leave the city without casualties

Our Food Is Wasted On Those People

Leave the city with more than 9 Survivors alive

Don't You Want To See Raccoon City Got Bombed

Leave the city under 9 days

No Rest For The Wicked

Kill more than 1.000 Zombies in the first day

Wave Master

Reach the 77th wave on Survival Mode

Gun Smith Expert

Craft more than 50 Weapons

Arts and Crafts Expert

Craft more than 50 Gears

Harvest Moon

Harvest more than 100 Vegetables or Fruits

Master Chef

Cook more than 100 Foods

Turret Engineer

Build more than 100 Turrets

Jedi Survivor

Get Lightsaber


Die in tutorial

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