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Posted: Jun 17 @ 4:52pm
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ZED tells the story of an ageing artist suffering with dementia who must recover his lost memories to create one final artwork for his granddaughter. The player assumes the role of the artist, stuck in his own twisted mind, to collect important objects from the course of his life and bring him peace.

ZED is a visually impressive game. The environments are gorgeous to look at and do a brilliant job of capturing the mayhem inside the mind of a man whose memory is failing him.
The game is all about the experience and the story. You walk through areas, which you explore, finding mementos while listening to the beautifully narrated story. ZED is relatively short, but it's worth every cent in my humble opinion. I truly enjoyed it and hope to see more from Eagre Games on Linux in the future!

This is an outstanding Linux port, probably the best Unreal Engine port I have played thus far!

It get's 5 out 5 Penguins from me!
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