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Posted: Feb 9, 2017 @ 1:00pm
Updated: Feb 15, 2017 @ 6:19pm

tl;dr: A free-to-play asymmetric co-op puzzle game that is worth wasting an hour or two with, even if you can't play it in VR.

We Were Here doesn't really have any story, it simply puts you and your co-player in two different areas of a frozen castle and lets go of your hand. Which is perfectly fine. There is simply something enjoyable in having to exchange information with a friend in order to solve puzzles, no matter how easy or basic in their conception these puzzles may end up being. It's also entertaining to listen to a friend freaking out over seeing something mildly creepy, while all you're doing is patiently pressing levers in a completely different room with no idea what you're doing or what it is they're freaking out about.

There were still some kinks the game hadn't ironed out yet at the time of writing. Most important ones: The ingame chat didn't work (we used steam chat to play instead) and I got stuck in location at some point, having to wait till I died to be able to restart the puzzle. And frankly it's not a particularly pretty game, in fact it feels like your standard unity game in a rather obvious way. But it does have some creepy moments here and there, and there is a segment in a frozen yard that was equal parts annoying and nicely immersive. I also laughed maniacly at the ending, for reasons I will not spoil for you.

All in all, it's just plain ol' good fun, and the rough edges are forgiveable for a free game. So if you're still waiting for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes to get a deeper discount, this game should help scratch a similar itch for free. Just find a buddy to play with, and make sure to set aside those 1-2 hours, because despite having checkpoints to allow for toilet breaks and drink refills, there is no real save system.

Looking forward to more from these devs.
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