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I like this game, though not as much as I expected to at first, and plan to write more about it after I finish it. What I wanted to write right now is in response to others' advice, in these reviews and in the reviews of the DLC itself, to buy the DLC sooner rather than later in the game if you're fairly sure you're going to. I followed this advice, and regret it. I feel it threw the pacing of the game way off (because you get hit with these game events instantly, on top of early game stuff) both mechanicswise and storywise.

It pulled me out of my immersion, although part of that may be that as the game goes on, the writing quality does not live up to what I saw as its promise at the beginning of the game. (Why tf are you asking the blacksmith about ore? There is zero in-game motivation for this. I had thought the frustrating pacing at the beginning was a narrative choice and I would be slowly pushed into all kinds of quests/abominable actions I wasn't planning on at first, but I feel like they did that just long enough to get you hooked into the tech tree and then expect that to provide motivation on a metagame level. And it does, but I was excited for what I thought was happening, dammit.) I also messed up by starting over to see if I could get the Church opened by the first week, and I'm sure replaying events has lessened their impact somewhat.
Posted September 6. Last edited September 6.
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Playing this game/reading this novel for the first time was a transcendent experience for me, despite having noticed some technical flaws that would normally have pulled me out of the world created. I mean this as praise.

I liked...
...that the author/creator either had a detailed understanding of science fictional technology or the confidence to artifice it well.
...that I felt like I was creating a character and really roleplaying in a way I've yet to experience in traditional RPGs-- maybe on a few occasions in tabletop games.
...the style of writing and level of detail, particularly in the first part of the book/game. I was quickly hooked.
...knowing how much there's probably left to explore.

I disliked...
...the occasions in which the text of the CYOA stated I had followed a storyline I hadn't actually chosen. I think the programming and logic side could have been a touch more thorough.
...feeling less engaged towards the end of the story. I felt like perhaps the author had run out of steam.

But my dislikes here are really nitpicks more than anything. There's no one I wouldn't recommend this experience to.
Posted June 24, 2016.
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