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Playing this game/reading this novel for the first time was a transcendent experience for me, despite having noticed some technical flaws that would normally have pulled me out of the world created. I mean this as praise.

I liked...
...that the author/creator either had a detailed understanding of science fictional technology or the confidence to artifice it well.
...that I felt like I was creating a character and really roleplaying in a way I've yet to experience in traditional RPGs-- maybe on a few occasions in tabletop games.
...the style of writing and level of detail, particularly in the first part of the book/game. I was quickly hooked.
...knowing how much there's probably left to explore.

I disliked...
...the occasions in which the text of the CYOA stated I had followed a storyline I hadn't actually chosen. I think the programming and logic side could have been a touch more thorough.
...feeling less engaged towards the end of the story. I felt like perhaps the author had run out of steam.

But my dislikes here are really nitpicks more than anything. There's no one I wouldn't recommend this experience to.
Posted June 24, 2016.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 entries