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Sir Alexander von Leipzig Jul 26, 2017 @ 5:55pm 
To demonstrate the undeniable power of the alt-right, and to provide many good political memes to the intelligent and thoughtful people of Steam, we are conquering it.
Help us enlarge our 'Meme Reich' (so called for spreading so quickly)

We will conquer steam!

We will end the stupidity of the left!

We will beat them.

Paste it everywhere you can!

For the Empire!

For the Right!

For all that is right!

(there might also be some moderator positions thrown out to people who help a lot)

We're a meme group
We seek to conquer steam

or at least a big part of it

We will be the strongest group on steam!

The mightiest!

People will crumble before our feet in fear when they dare trifle with us!