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在主题 Please give us the ability to disable film grain.
引用自 Jeysie
Yeah, I honestly don't know what to tell you, I literally don't see anything like that in my own game.

It is just that everyone has a different subjective tolerance and visual sensitivity.

The developers know very well what they did, and this topic is addressed to them to point out that they did it wrong. It's overdone, glimmering and first of all it's animated ! with an disruptive flickering frequency. This causes disorientation and eye strain.

Film grain is a special effect, an overlay applied over an entire frame post render they put there to make the game more stylish or more "cinematic". Since it adds superficial detail, it allows to soften the image and hide the games graphical flaws like color banding, texture gaps and a lot of other issues.

Imagine layering the hiss of an ailing microphone over a game's entire audio. Imagine how annoying that would be. Film grain is the graphical equivalent. It's a visual tinnitus. Even in games where film grain is thematically justified—as with Left 4 Dead's attempt to reference grimy B-movie zombie flicks - turning it off makes everything look instantly better, and much easier on the eye.

A lot of games provide an option to turn film grain down, or off completely.
Unfortunately, Pathfinder developers don't let us do that.
在主题 Please give us the ability to disable film grain.
引用自 Jeysie
引用自 Liliana M
We 're talking about the flickering animated static noise all over the game screen.
I mean again... kinda... what static noise?

There's sometimes weather effects if it's raining or windy, or stuff like the elemental effects in the Endless Dungeon, but I just don't see anything that resembles what I get for images of "film grain" when I google the concept. Everything just looks like normal textures for whatever the surface is.

The effect is subtle but once you notice it, you see it forever and can not get rid of it.
You may not see this in the game if you suffer from color blindness or if you have a low-quality display or play on low gamma. It has nothing to do with the refresh rate.
Here is an example of film grain overlay - made of 4 screenshots taken every 0.25 s from Pathfinder Kingmaker game.

Enhanced digitally to better illustrate : zoom 600%, brightness +150%, contrast +100%
It's there flickering all over the 3D world, and it's awfully frustrating.
在主题 Please give us the ability to disable film grain.
引用自 Jeysie
Actually I honestly have literally no idea what this thread is even discussing. The only texture in the game is the book page background for the Journal et all has a vellum-style texture to it and that's it.
We 're talking about the flickering animated static noise all over the game screen. Very frustrating for photosensitive people and those suffering from migraines, epilepsy, attention deficit, vision impairments, and visual snow. The film grain triggers the symptoms and causes discomfort.
在主题 Update 1.6.000 (with new DLC's support)
Did you forget about your GOG customers?
Will this come to GOG at all?
To this day since January 2019 we are at update 1.5.003 .....
在主题 vote for your prefered combat system
The poll is inadequate. What if someone would like to vote for both - as in Pillars of Eternity 2 ?
在主题 Polish Language???
引用自 Mortheim
引用自 Okami

We have petitioned here but have been removed and it is not known exactly why. Someone claimed that there were too many trolls, later one more was made and it was also removed

If you mean creating a thread and posting +1 - it violates steam forum rules ( https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=4045-USHJ-3810 - under spam). It also attracts trolls for some reason.
I remember that one of the threads was closed because of all of this. Still, I don't see anything bad in such threads until there are insults towards users or dev team.

Also, if there are fan groups who can translate the game, we would be more than happy to do what in our powers to help them.

You could have written a warning to educate users instead of deleting the entire thread.
The more so as the practice of writing +1 is common on Steam and not everyone realizes that it is not allowed.
However, you have deleted the entire thread without any word of warning.

The people who took part in the petition did a great job for you by advertising your game for free. Links to the topic generated a lot of traffic and attracted new customers for you. Influential Polish streamers, critics and journalists took part in it. For some reason, you have decided that you do not want us here and do not need customers from Poland.

Of course, we have talented and experienced multilingual people who could do a fan translation.
But not after how you had a dialogue with us or rather a lack of one.

Unfortunately, you cut yourself off from the Polish Gamers' Community in a very disrespectful way.
We just moved on to other promising projects with more friendly and open-minded developers.
在主题 Polish Language???
引用自 Schanez
So grab them dictionaries, friends!

gōngxǐ nǐ de àihào wǒ yāoqǐng nǐ yòng zhōngwén tǎolùn ná nǐ shǒuzhōng de zìdiǎn wǒmen lái tán tán ba
在主题 [Petition] Please add Polish language
引用自 wojter322
What a dumb topic... this game have lots of balance issues, minor technical problems (which many of them have been solved or being treated at the moment btw.) and other more or less relevant. Addition of polish language seems unreasonable atm while devs can allocate their time to potentially fix the bugs or add new content instead. Remember, this game is being created by small group of people and they probably having hard time keeping this game polished. Instead of making stupid requests I recommend learn some english, it's pretty easy nowdays ;)
The request has nothing to do with knowing or not knowing English. We are the customers showing the interest in the product. If the creators choose to adapt their product to our personal needs and market - that means proper localization - they will get sales. And if not, then it's their loss. I don't really care whether the product is being made by one man or a team of 100, as long as the final product cost me the same money. Localization process is outsourced to an external company just like QA tests - which they did in a Polish studio Testronic by the way.
It's sad they removed the game from GOG. I was going to buy it there for a full price at the release. Guess they don't want my money. If it comes in the form of a monthly bundle eventually I may add it to my Steam aka free/cheap keys aggregator.
在主题 its kind of meh
引用自 Taron
I admit I'm not much of a Witcher 3 fan, but that was all about the gameplay. I assumed the visuals and animation would blow away Elex. I'm surprised that with W3's comparatively giant team and budget and dev time that it is missing a lot of detailed touches Elex has, like him turning his head to look at NPC's as they walk past, or sticking out his hand to touch walls as he walks past them, or having actual animations for things like picking up stuff, sleeping, drinking potions, etc.

But all of this makes the ELEX controls and movements really unresponsive. In Witcher 3 however, there are 2 different modes for movement response. In game options, you can select standard movements for more realistic humanlike animations or alternative movements for super responsive action controls.
在主题 First Impressions....
引用自 smallmak
characters are super ugly and I couldnt manage to create a character that looks nice.
I thought that the characters are so ugly only in beta version (based on video presentations) and it would change after the release. But reality did not meet expectations. The art style is really bad.
在主题 its kind of meh
To me, graphics in Outward looks like assets from random Asian free to play clone from 2005.
在主题 Steam thinks this game is like Farming Simulator
Based on tags set for this game Steam classified it as agriculture Farming Simulator alike. lol

在主题 Dragon's Dogma vibes??
This game is definitely inspired by Dragon's Dogma - ie. the lantern and darkness, character movement, world design and geometry, parts of the interface, Centaur MT font. But judging by the gameplay videos the ambient occlusion. shaders, lighting, color balance and overall low texture quality (Asian free to play game style alike), unfortunately, are much worse.
在主题 [Petition] Please add Polish language
Count me in. Waiting for Polish localization.
在主题 [TECH] Vikings Version 2.1 Bugreport Thread
[BUG] Achievement - Blessings of Aesir ( complete all trials ) - can not be unlocked.
I did all the trials x5 and this achievement did not unlock.
There are 0.0% players on GOG with this achievement unlocked.
在主题 [TECH] Vikings Version 2.1 Bugreport Thread
引用自 královrah
引用自 Liliana M
[BUG] Story mission Gambit Bishop - Can not pick up loot or materials when transformed to Iron Guardian.

Game version 2.04 GOG Galaxy
I think this is intended since basically it is not you.

This is rather a design flaw since you can not manage inventory when transformed. If it was intended then the loot should not drop at all. It's frustrating from gamers point of view to see the loot lying around that you can't pick up. Besides that the Iron Guardian can collect gold and some wood but not the iron.
在主题 Controller settings (PC)
Please allow us to map controller keys.
I am playing with DualShock 4 .
Rage is under L1 + R1 but at the same time Heal is L1 and Talisman is R1.
How I am supposed to cancel firing Rage without unintentionally losing Heal or Talisman charge ?

Also roll is under right analog stick and I hate it because it uses right thumb finger - the same finger which is used for attacking or firing skills.
在主题 [TECH] Vikings Version 2.1 Bugreport Thread
[BUG] Story mission Gambit Bishop - Can not pick up loot or materials when transformed to Iron Guardian.

Game version 2.04 GOG Galaxy
在主题 Offical Q&A Thread - Ask your questions here!
Q: When will you update your game on GOG ? No patches since 2015.
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