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As is probably apparent from my list of games on Steam, I pretty much exclusively play singleplayer first person shooters nowadays. That wasn't always the case, and I certainly enjoyed many other genres in years gone by, with some of my favourite older titles (from the 90s) including the likes of:

- Civilization 2
- Red Alert
- Falcon 4
- Worms
- Colin McRae Rally (various iterations thereof)

But it was games such as Half-Life, Quake 3 Arena, and Deus Ex that truly solidified my belief that first person games were on a level of their own immersion-wise, and ever since that era they have been the focus of my gaming. Having come to realize that there are more than enough decent FPS games available to fulfill my gaming needs, I now effectively force myself to not play anything else, in an attempt to avoid spending too much of my life playing computer games!

In my earlier days of FPS gaming I regularly participated in multiplayer games, primarily deathmatch. Indeed I used to play both Half-Life and Quake 3 Arena (OSP) in a couple of TDM clans over the years. However, partly due to the lack-lustre deathmatch experience offered by more recent games when compared to Q3A, and partly due to lack of time, I've mostly stopped playing games online, instead just enjoying singleplayer FPS games through to completion (always on the hardest difficulty setting, of course!). More recently I've found my absolute favourite singleplayer FPS games have tended to be those that offer some RPG elements and/or are open-world. Although well-balanced pure action games can still be great fun too. Some of my favourites of the past decade or so (ie the post Quake 3 era) include:

- Far Cry (1 and 2)
- STALKER (all 3 games in series)
- Deus Ex Human Revolution
- Dead Island
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benmoore1984 Dec 28, 2013 @ 2:44pm 
am installing football manager now :-) have you started dementium?