Wealth beyond measure, outlander.
ETF2L Highlander Open 1st season Cup Stage. Team Reckless Daredevils. - Demo.
ETF2L 6s S22 Open Participation. Team Sons of Anarchy. - Pocket/scout.
UGC Platinum 6s S15 Participation. Team Sons of Anarchy. - Pocket.
ETF2L 6s S23 Preseason Cup Mid Participation. Team Irish Republican Army. - Pocket/scout.
ETF2L 6s S27 Low Participation. Team Wet Floor Sign at reckoner fanclub. - Scout.
Ready Steady Pan S3 Panticipation. Team Baltika 6 eSports. - Demo.
Snack's Summery Ultiduo Siesta Participation. Team Side effects of mushroom tea. - Pocket.
Ultimate Ultiduo Playoffs. Team Side effects of mushroom tea. - Pocket.
UGC 6s S25 Silver Participation. Team Last to Spec. - Scout.
ETF2L Prolands Cup 2017 Mid Bracket Participation. Team Last to Spec. - Scout.
ETF2L 6s S28 Open 3rd place. Team Last to Spec. - Scout.
ETF2L Highlander S14 Mid Participation. Team pok :> - Scout.
ETF2L 6s Global Whitelist Test Cup Open Participation. Team Last to Spec. - Pocket.
ETF2L 6s S29 Low Participation. Team Last to Spec. - Pocket.
TF2RU M0rfigy cup participant. Team 6EJI0CHE)l(KA u n9ITb rHoMuKoB
ETF2L Highlander S15 Open Playoffs. Team Basketball Nogoy. - Scout/soldier.
ETF2L 6s Beater's Meat your Map Cup Upper bracket participation. Team NoReason. - Pocket.
ETF2L 6s S30 Mid Participation. Team The Ruins of a Nation! - Scout.
UGC Highlander S27. Team ☦ The Golden Domes. - Scout/soldier.
ETF2L 6s S31 Low Participation. Team МИССКЛИКНУЛ ПО ОПЕНУ. - Pocket.
ETF2L Highlander S17 Mid Playoffs. Team Ricardo Milos fanclub. - 3rd engie sub.
ETF2L S32 Preseason cup participation, mid bracker. Team Nutty Dinopark. Roamer/scout.
ETF2L 6s S32 Mid Participation. Team Kings of Night Verona. Pocket.
ETF2L 6s S34 Preseason cup, Mid bracket. 3rd place. Team Russian Brain Advantage. - Pocket.
ETF2L 6s 1/2 S34, Low. Team SteelStanders. - Roamer/Pocket.
ETF2L 6s 2/2 S34, Mid. Playoffs stage. Team XYUCAC. - Roamer.
ETF2L 6s 1/2 S35 Div 3 participation. Team Sick Laughter. - Pocket/roamer.
Lockdown Throwdown 6s cup 2020 participation. (aka Corona cup) Team based. - Roamer.
ETF2L 2/2 6s S35 Mid 2nd place. Team carbonara. - Pocket.
ETF2L 6s S36 Mid 3rd place. Team Unknown Quantities. - Roamer.
ETF2L 6s S37 Div 2A participation. Team Unknown Quantities. - Roamer.
.:Krispoo:. Feb 25 @ 10:49pm 
помоги мне
Netch Feb 8 @ 6:33am 
mad ;(
Abyss Feb 8 @ 6:32am 
Didn't ask you anything, pal. Practice more and in time you'll learn how to play mge.
Netch Feb 8 @ 6:17am 
tfw you cry about fencing yet you use every spam angle on spire in the span of 2 rounds smh my head
Narrenturm lft 6s med Feb 6 @ 9:42am 
smh british
Narrenturm lft 6s med Jan 31 @ 10:01am 
i like