Je prendrai juste un verre de jus d'orange   Rhone-Alpes, France
Plus fort qu'un cookie. Aussi mortel qu'une banane et beau comme un roblochon. Craignez moi plus que la mort en slip sur un gâteau en chocolat conduit par un lapin. :Khappy:

Stronger than cookie. As lethal as a banana and handsome as a roblochon. Fear me than the death in underwear on cake in chocolate drive by a rabbit. :KOh:

putain de bordel de merde
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Test made during the containement. It's a laser map but with a twist.
I used Hammer to create it and a lot of coffee to finish it.

Thanks to :
And the JamS20 aka "gamaportal"
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Created by - L'habitont
Workshop Showcase
Made made a while ago. No finish yet because I need to put more props, nevertheless it's fun to play on it.
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Created by - L'habitont
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