UGC Season 19 NA Iron 12-0 mXn   California, United States
Honorable Mentions:
DZCreeper : your sniper needs to be less obvious when he toggles.

<3 Sweeties:
Salient Mojo : Lexa, are you a photographer? You get the best head shots.
Scottishbob : Lexa looking very high class I must say
*DEAD* Mogs : pizza scary, lexa carry
TheMajesticFalcon : lexa what kinda deodorant do you use to not drown in your own sweat
FlyingFula : i hope you are gonna help whith the baby after that rape

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Big Brain Gamers:
[HOH] Zengazi : lexa ya better not be hacking
aLone : preatty confidit lexa is using wall hacks
Rich Hydrators : Lexa is a hitscan noob straight from r0bl0x
*DEAD* snorlaxvenom : is lexa hacking
*DEAD* Batspiderpool : lexa is hacking
*DEAD* Complete Hacker : Lexa you're a fishy fuck
*DEAD* Complete Hacker : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Spoderman : lexa is raping me harder than my uncle
*DEAD* Garry_Saxton : lexa is aimbot
*DEAD* Indigente De Aspecto Mugroso : LEXA ES UN PINCHE HACKER
SkittlesKeeper : Please report and kick Lixa
GO TO 5K : lexa hacking
*DEAD* EpicInfinity : lexa is a hacker
*DEAD* the strongest 12 year old : lexa is cheating
*DEAD* the strongest 12 year old : aimbotting, please kick
*DEAD* Awita de Mandarina : lexa is hacker?
shar350 : lexe is hacking
Bob Sauce Paints Bob Ross : fucking hacker lexa fuck yoiu
*DEAD* jsaunde1 : kick lexa
Senpai Louis : lexa has aimbot
*DEAD* Bothersome : lexa is pistol aimbotting
*DEAD* Bothersome : 100%
Sushimi (Batdude/Dingbat) : i think lexa's hacking
*DEAD* Spaceman Spiff : nice aimbot lexa
*DEAD* カタカナ : lexa your sketchy as fuck
カタカナ : lexa's hacking im out
Derpyfish01 #TeamPyro : lexa you hacking
Atorasuno : Lexa you're a fucking bitch hacking cunt kys dick
Medic Fluttershy : lexa is botting
Medic Fluttershy : kik lexa he is botting
ParkZz : lexa does your mother know you are hacking like this?
*DEAD* FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : LEXA AIMBOT
*DEAD* Stev's : lexa is aimbot
*DEAD* FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : lexa aimbot
*DEAD* ItsGnomeChild : Lexa is a hacker
*DEAD* Made Original : lexa haxs
*DEAD* flyOblivious : i think lexa is hacking
BOOM HEAD SHOT : lexea is hacking
*DEAD* Muselk'S FAN : think lexa is hacking
*DEAD* Moist : oof they have a hcaker
Rusty Kitty : lexa is totally hacking.
*DEAD* Skullfire : hey lexa nice aimbot
(TEAM) mr sister fister {LINK REMOVED} : lexa are you cheating
♚The Rustic Lord Ronin♚ : Lexa nice hax did you win ima faggot award of the year or nah?
Fraaz, the master of frostflame : Yeah, lexa's aimbotting.
*DEAD* Wojo : report lexa
P-z : lexa's cheating
friendly : yea lexa is hacking
AJX2Games : wow are you hacking lexa?
*DEAD* JohnnyTorchtheHumanFlamer : lexa hacking
Admiral Bone to Pick : 100 percent sure lexa is hacking
CornOnTheCob : lexa ur hacking
Major WetSpot : Lexa turn off the hack...
NaCl : lexa is hacking
Communist Pootis Birb : kick lexa he is a script kitty ,Red
safaa121 : LEXA you botting son of a bitch
Bulova : kick lexa plz what a hacking virgin
*DEAD* [DFS] 🎃Jacko Slime 🎃 : guys i think lexa MIGHT be aimbotting
Lyricus : yup lexashit has aimbot......are u that bad kid?
*DEAD* Spaceman : lexa is hacking
Spaceman : you just 180 with out looking behind you
Spaceman : hes been doing it all game
Spaceman : i literally watched him 180 headshot a cloked spy
Darkstar : hey blue kick lexa he/she is hacking

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