Fozu LevelUp #BOT 16:1
Auto trade Card Bot S> 16 : 1
In non-Steam game
[H] 24613 | S> 16:1 B> 18:1
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General Info

The bot is currently giving you 16 card sets


:snikblue: !help - list of all bot's commands

:snikblue: !lang [x] - change the language
!lang en - English :ab_englishflag:
!lang ru - Русский :ab_russianflag:
!lang cn - 中国 :china:

:snikblue: !check - how many sets the bot has that you may buy
:snikblue: !level [x] - calculate how much it'll cost to desired level
:snikblue: !buy [x] - use it to buy sets by your CS:GO keys

:snikblue: !sellcheck - how many sets you may sell for CS:GO keys
:snikblue: !sell [x] - sell your sets for CS:GO keys

:lifebuoy: Support

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Lol fam your bot added me i dont need lvlz
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-rep fake bot LOOOOOOOL
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