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Your average furfag :^)

Read all of the stuff below before adding me.


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Hi, my name is Soma. I am a twenty year old, bisexual male furry who lives in the US of A. I play video games and may or may not be a totally loser. Feel free to add me if we share common interests or would like to roleplay.


- Frequently Asked Questions -

- Are you a furry? -

Considering that my profile icon is my fursona and I literally identify myself as one, what do you think?

- Can I add you? -

Sure, but;

- If we have not met before, please say why are you adding me in the comments.
- If you just want me to trade with you, no and get blocked nerd 8^)
- If you just never want to talk to me after accepting, then I will just remove you. Small talk is fine, but we didn't make a single conversation either in chats or in game, then bye-bye.
- If you just want to only roleplay, go somewhere else.

- How come your friends list is small? -

Because having 200 "friends" is dumb and pointless and makes you look stupid.

- I don't like the guy/girl that you have on your friends list. Can you please remove him/her?

First of all, no. Second, don't tell me what to do. And third, don't like what I said? Feel free to remove me or kiss my hairy ass.

- Do you roleplay? -

Both erotic and non-erotic. Erotic however is limited to a select few individuals.

tixoc [epic gamer] Jul 26 @ 4:02pm 
fake and not real
Alcohol + Keys&Car Jul 17 @ 12:53pm 
Nurd :3
dayz Jun 25 @ 11:56pm 
added for a trade sir.
Floopin Jun 22 @ 9:27am 
FoxC Jun 18 @ 3:28pm 
Dope anti-cliché-fur♥♥♥♥♥♥ry profile. :epiwink:
tixoc [epic gamer] May 2 @ 2:27pm 
do you listen to death grips