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So, this game is currently sitting at 94% positive reviews overall. Just 1% away from being Overwhelmingly Positive. I'm writing this review hoping that it will help to push it to 95%, because this game absolutely deserves it. I could spend hours (actually, I already have - apologies to my wife) talking about what makes this game a masterpiece. However (and I know it sounds like a cliché), you really want to know as little as possible about this game before you start. So stop looking at reviews, buy it and love it! Oh, and leave a positive review so that it gets to 95%!
Still here? Do you absolutely need to know more? No you don't, aren't you listening? Oh well, alright, let me tell you all I knew when I started playing: It's a space exploration game and you're stuck in a time loop. And it's a game which you'll wish you could experience for the first time again.

That's all you need to know. Go for it. BUY IT.

EDIT: Almost two months later and it's still at 94%! Come on people, write positive reviews! We can do it!

EDIT2: Finally! Thank you everyone for your positive reviews. The game is now Overwhelmingly Positive and I can rest easy.
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+Rep! Fast and friendly trader =)
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