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Zuhn Overwatch Banned (copypasta by me)
Yo, what's going on guys zuhn here, and today I'm overwatch banned. Now I know this happened like 5 days ago but I'm just gonna make a short little video to tell you guys what really happened and my side of the story. so basically I either got false overwatch banned or I just got a second grief ban. I'm not exactly sure because steam doesn't say anything, csgo doesn't say anything it's literally like there no way to find out for some reason. There's this one thing that came up when I click "I've been game banned" and it says you've been convicted for external assistance or something like that. I'm not exactly sure if that's an automated message if it comes up for any overwatch ban or if it is just specially for me and I actually have been convicted of cheating which is if that is true it was 100% false cause I do not cheat I know some people aren't gonna believe that I'm not really worried about those people I know I don't cheat, my friends know I don't cheat. Just because I cheated in the past does not mean I cheat now. I obviously have a past of cheating you can literally look it up on youtube, people have seen it people have reuploaded it, I'm way past that I quit cheating a long time ago. There's a bunch of really dumb people think they're exposing me by showing me videos of me cheating in the past which is a long time ago but in reality, they're not exposing anything. I've addressed my cheating in the past, I'm not gonna cheat in my videos and lie and say I'm legit. I can assure you guys that if I was cheating, I probably would not be making videos like this I don't know man cheating at this point would just be dumb. There's a lot of people that have admit it and stuff like that but it's kinda had to admit it when I'm literally not cheating I know that ban on my account is false or its for griefing, all I'm saying is that it either is false and some gold novas thought I was bhop scripting or flicking too hard ha i don't know but I know for a fact that I don't cheat and if it was for cheating it is false. but it also could have been a second griefing ban because I did get one in the past, like literally not even a month ago and yeah it's basically really unfair and unfortunate situation because there is nothing I can really do. I've tried contacting steam support, they say they can't do anything about it they can't view the overwatch ban or they cant modify the overwatch ban so I'm just right now assuming that its either a grief ban or a false cheating ban. Feel like I've said the same thing 20 times but I just wanna make a quick video to point that out so all I can say at this point is that I'm pretty much forced to make another account and start over again. its really unfair that I lost my main account, lost all my skins and everything but I mean once again there is nothing I can do about it. It's super unfair. I didn't really believe that people actually like when people said they got false overwatch banned I was like "Nah you're obviously lying" but now I believe it cause it couldn't have taken that much to get actually falsely banned cause if you watch all my demos I released on twitter I released the last 5 I played. I think those were the games within the last like few days of that ban and if you watch through every single one of those demos you're going to see anything that's cheats. the most you'll see is griefing so that's another reason why it could be griefing. uhm yeah, that's all there really is to say so I've already made another account and I'm out here hitting clips eVerY gAmE bRo. there is no way I'm gonna get false overwatch banned again because the odds of overwatch banned once are already so slow so if I get banned again that obviously means I'm cheating and if it happens again you guys can 100% say I'm cheating there is no way out of this. I'm saying right now that I'm not gonna get banned again because I know I'm not cheating and it's impossible. There's no way to get falsely overwatch banned twice in a row like that's just that doesn't happen if you're legit and I'm saying not gonna false overwatch banned again because I am legit so I mean that's all there really is to say. I'm just telling everyone the truth here. If you don't, believe me, I really don't care, I know they're people who don't care I cheat or not but still like the videos and I know my close friends know I don't cheat, I know I don't cheat. SO yeah umm I feel like I said enough I don't really have much more to say besides the fact that my ban was false and I am going to continue to make videos. So I know this video is gonna get a quite a bit of dislikes because people actually think I cheat which you're not exactly wrong to think that cause clearly I got banned but I'm just telling you the truth here it was an undeserved ban and unless it was a grief ban because I grief all the time sooo we'll never really know because I don't think there is a way to tell 100% if it's actually griefing or cheating annd yeahh thanks for watching please be sure to like comment and subscribe and yeah peace.

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