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This game has been around for almost a decade now and even though I only recently got this game (back in May of 2017) this game is still going to be the same simulator as it was when it was first released, incomplete and deteriating. No one can agree with me more that the players that have invested at least 200 hours into this game and with the way the game works it's kinda hard to say that it's good. It's easier to say that this game is "Sub-Par" And with the launch of Train Sim World it's just diminishing the value of this game. I can only imagine what the intention of Train Sim/Rail works was when it had first released but I can already tell that it has changed for the worst.
Whenever a new DLC comes out for this simulator there are press releases sent out to YouTubers, Content Creators, etc, and they all say the same thing with most of the routes, It needs work. Almost all of the DLC needs work, whether that be inside of the scenery, driving, or simulation aspect. If people want to see a good simulator that's based around trains they should looks elsewhere.
Posted June 9.
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With the game rapidly approaching it's 1 year release aniversary it's tough to explain what Transport Fever actually is. But if you want to know how this game matches up against it's competition at the time of release, to put it simply Transport Fever was and still is the juggernaut of the public transport simulation genre. Don't get me wrong although Transport Fever still has it's newer competition coming way, like the most recently published "Mashinky" and "Transport Empire," it's going to become apparent that most of the transit simulation community is still going to favorite Transport Fever rather than any other due to release game any time soon.

Transport Fever in it's respective position has become the inspiration for many ideas, like the EPEC challenge created by Skye Storme, the "Let's make britian great again" Let's Play by Conflictnerd, or even the Tokyo Recreation Project by myself. There is still no end to what Transport Fever has to offer and with the way the game generates maps when using random generation your gameplay is always going to be unique.

Now here's the part where I start talking about the things I hate about Transport Fever, and to be honest their's only one gripe that I have with Transport Fever, and that is the Town simulation aspect. Each town when you load up a game can have anywhere from 1-300 people living in a town, but after putting in about 8-10 hours in a game you start to see a decline in population growth. What I mean is if your town you focus on the most starts with about 200 population after about 8-10 hours of real time gameplay (which can be about 40-80 years in game) by placing any amount of transit it grows the same every time. For example, in my personal save one of my towns have grown to 800 when I had started 50 years prior with about 225 population and in a second save a very similar results took place. The only difference between the two was the amount of resource that I was sending to the town. The first one received Fuel, Food, Tools, Machines, and passenger transport. The second save only received Passenger transport. So hopefully with the conveince patch scheduled to come out on the beta branch on October 11th or the future Preformance patch they work on fixing this and making the town growth system more dynamic.

But aside from that note the game provides it's challenges, their's plenty of inspiration from youtube to start something, or even the ability to take a look at mods to add to your game. And on that note I'd say I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys Transport Simulation games and who is still interested.
Posted October 7, 2017. Last edited October 7, 2017.
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In respect to those who give this game where credit is due, I find that this game can be pretty lacking in the field of public transit. In my eyes, a "perfect" public transit system is where all forms of transit follow three requirements: Convienence, Punctuality, and Reliability. Convience: To an extent, it's only the connection in this aspect that matters. If you are a regular transit commuter you will know that sometimes a train, bus, tram, plane, or even a ferry will run late by a few minutes to almost 15min-1hr. in this game this factor is taken accounted for, but it doesn't allow the player to have a convience factor. If a train station also doubles up as a bus station then it's easier to figure out your connection timing. From my time in San Fransico and Oakland the bus, tram, and trains would normally run on time and run inacordance together. That's what I hate about Cities in Motion 2 the most. Punctuality: With any transit system you want to see that your bus or any other form of transit runs on timme according to the schedule. CiM2 does catter to this by having correct departure times, but sometimes the vehicles will fall behind by a substantial nummber. Reliability: For a realiable transit system you must know that the bus driver will wait for you, CiM2 does not take this into account for any reason. In my opinion for this game after playing 400+ hours of it, CiM2 is not for the modern day simulation world.
Posted October 20, 2016.
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