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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jan 4 @ 12:05am

Drill Sergeant

Recruit a unit in one of your cities
Unlocked Nov 25, 2016 @ 7:32pm

Dungeon Master

Explore a world feature
Unlocked Jan 3 @ 11:49pm

Hedge Wizard

Cast a spell
Unlocked Jan 3 @ 11:46pm


Research a spell
Unlocked Nov 25, 2016 @ 7:32pm


Win a battle

Ashes to ashes

Raze a city

A bolt from the blue

Kill an enemy hero on the world map


Recruit a hero


Banish an enemy SL


Win as Eyegor

Best Friends Forever

Make an alliance with another SL

Captain Element

Have a unit deal fire, cold, electrical and acid damage with one attack

Cobbler Dratewka

Kill a Drake with a Settler unit


Capture a city

Created to win

Win as custom SL


Win by casting Spell of Domination

Earth Wind & Fire

Achieve tier 9 in all elemental circles


Win the game by defeating all SLs

Founding Father

Found a new city

Ghost in the shell

Win as R'jak

Grey Eminence

Win as Grey Elves


Research all available spells

High Lord

Win as High Men

Hollow King

Win as Unhallowed

Holy Water

Bless a Water Elemental

I am back

Return from banishment

I see darkness

Win as Rastiss

In your Own Image

Create a Custom SL

Life is Good

Win as Ariel


Win as Dark Elves


Make a trade with another SL


Construct all buildings in a city


Have six max level heroes with all of their equipment slots filled


Have a city of three living races


Win as Alhasret

New girl

Win as Neve

Pimp my soldier

Enchant a unit with five unit enchantments

Plane Scape

Travel to another plane


Have at least 100k population in your empire

Princess Maker

Win as Istimaeth

Serve Me

Summon a champion

Silence will fall

Win the game without casting any spells

So long, and thanks for the spells

Defeat a SL

Sorcerer of Fortune

Win as Markas


Reach 100 spellcraft


Have a hero reach maximum level

The emperor has no clothes

Win a game having spent (or gained) no points in SL creation

The Old Man and the throne

Win as Merlin

Tinker Tailor

Forge an artifact

You know my name

Reach 100 fame

Zero to Hero

Have a unit reach maximum level


Take control over every city on Air plane

Devil will Cry

Conquer Hell Gateway feature


Visit earth plane by going through Earth Portal


Build a city on water plane

Death from above

Conquer a city with army commanded by Vendral


Win as Draconians

Scaly Suprise

Win as Drakhis

Big Boss

Win as Orcs

God Gog

Win as Magog

Mr. Nuttcracker

Win an encounter with army commanded by Bonebasher

Guardian of the Treasures

Defend your city with army commanded by Kjorgi

Sorcerer under the Mountain

Win as Dwarves

The Stout King

Win as Varkin


Cast a spell with Draylik

Bad Mojo

Win as Myrodants

Hive Mother

Win as Prithvi Mata

Horse Lover

Add Elven Hussar to your army

Ogre Shaman

Cast a spell with Ogre Mage

Dark Wizard

Reach maximum level with Nehanash

Lady Dracula

Win as Erzsebet

Last of his Kind

Recruit The Last Uruthian

Undead Leader

Recruit Aelys the Broken