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Personal Achievements


Make 300 Headshots


Get Rampage 50 times


Complete the level without getting damage


Survive the state of death

Neat cowboy

Play the level for more than 15 minutes


Return to Sintown after completing the game

Good Times

Spend 420 minutes in the battle

Easy Peasy

Kill 10 enemies in a row without getting damaged.

My Love <3

Save Charlotte

Low start

Complete level "Sintown" in less than 10 minutes

Who will come with a bullet ...

Get "Double Kill" for killing enemies who have ambushed Bill on "Mines"

... from bullets will die

Get "Rampage" 7 time on the level "Mines"


Kill all enemies at the beginning of the level "Desert camp"

Are you a human being ?!

Complete the level "Fort" without ever falling into a state of death

Dance with me

Shock 5 enemies with one shot on the level "Forest camp"


Get a shot of dynamite in both rings

Music Lover

Save all musicians to the end of the level "Saloon"


Complete level "Saloon" in silence

I believe I can fly

Take up in air at the same time 6 enemies with gravity grenade at "Clash in Keitown"

Friendly Cowboy

Save all your friends alive on the level "Clash in Keitown"

Big Guns Lover

On the level "Church" choose at each point only two-handed weapons

Cowboy With Two Hands

On the level "Church" select at each point only one-handed weapons

New Life

Complete any level in Arcade mode

Mastery: Revolver

Kill 100 enemies with Revolvers in Arcade mode

Mastery: 2 Babes

Kill 100 enemies with Uzigun in Arcade mode

Mastery: Shellbuster

Kill 100 enemies with Mr. Shellbuster in Arcade mode

Mastery: Saturnine Sammy

Kill 100 enemies with Saturnine Sammy in Arcade mode

Mastery: Tesla

Kill 100 enemies with Teslagun in Arcade mode

Mastery: Style and Hunting

Kill 100 enemies in general with Shotgun and Dynamite in Arcade Mode

Mastery: 2 Beauties

Kill 100 enemies with Bella and Tallulah in Arcade mode

Mastery: Mrs. Jumbo

Kill 100 enemies with Mrs. Jumbo in Arcade mode

I am the Boss!

Get All Mastery Levels


Visit all maps in Arcade mode


Kill 500 Bandits

Elite Sheriff

Kill 1337 Bandits

Whiskey Truce

Drink whiskey in the "Saloon"


On the level "Saloon" do not give bandits pick up a single bottle

Bill`s Nightmare

Complete level "Bill`s Nightmare"


Complete level "Cabaret"

Bandit Camp

Complete level "Bandit camp"

Bank Robbery

Complete level "Bank robbery"

Happy Farm

Complete level "Happy Farm"

Whiskey Storage

Complete level "Wiskie Storage"

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