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Personal Achievements

The Journey Begins

You have finished the first level.

World One Clear!

You cleared all World One levels!

World Two Clear!

You cleared all World Two Levels!

In the Midway

You have finished half of all levels.

World Three Clear!

You cleared all World Three Levels!

World Four Clear!

You cleared all World Four Levels!

World Five Clear!

You cleared all World Five Levels!

All Clear - 100%

You have finished all levels and collect all 135 special coins!

Playing with Cards I

You have unlocked the first bonus stage!

Playing with Cards II

You have unlocked half of all bonus stages!

Playing with Cards III

You have unlocked all bonus stages!

Got Some Coins

You got 100 coins.

Got Many Coins

You got 1.000 coins.

Got a lot of Coins

You got 5.000 coins.

Got Rich!

You got 10.000 coins!

Novice Player

Reach 30 minutes of gameplay time.

Experienced Player

Reach 2 hours of gameplay time.

Veteran Player

Reach 5 hours of gameplay time.