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Personal Achievements

First Victory

Win your first match

First Online Victory

Win your first match online

The Best Around

Win 10 matches
0 / 10

Internet Famous

Win 10 matches while playing online
0 / 10

Morning Coffee

Play your first match

Budding Catcher

Catch a coffee drop for the first time

Experienced Catcher

Catch 100 coffee drops
0 / 100

Master Catcher

Catch 1000 drops
0 / 1,000

MLC: Major League Coffencer

Don't drop any coffee during a fight

No Waste

Don't let any coffee touch the ground in a single fight

Heavy Drinker

Catch more coffee than your cup can hold

How about we meet for a coffee ?

Play a match with a friend online


Play 50 matches
0 / 50


Play 250 matches
0 / 250

Coffee Break

Drink your coffee for the first time

Close One

Win a match with only one coffee drop left

Espress Win

Win a match with the espresso cup


Unlock all coffee cups

Living On The Edge

Drink your last coffee drop

Better Than The Game

Win against an AI at the highest skill level


Win a match after surviving a last drop

Blend Royale

Complete a brawl match

Coffee Tourism

Play in every levels

The Scholar's Journey

Complete Ryan's story

Space Barrista

Complete Kent's story

Rich Flavor

Complete Brewce's story

Legendary Tale

Complete Puccino's story


Complete Mocha's story

I Know Coffee

Complete the tutorial

Tireless Catcher

Catch 10000 drops
0 / 10,000