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Personal Achievements

Stage 1 Complete

Play through the first stage

Greedy much?

You said you needed ONE Mydrith!

That hurts!

Fail to change into human for the 20th time

Stage 2 Complete

Play through the second stage

Stage 3 Complete

Play through the third stage


Discover things of the past

The End

Finish the game

Frog Tamer

Help 9 ice frogs get home
0 / 9

Hey, Player, leave them frogs alone!

All in all it's just another pond in the wall

Feet dry

Complete a level without stepping in a puddle

The journey begins

Complete the tutorial

What are you doing there?!

Stomp on the roof


Complete all levels (don't skip any)

Happily ever after

Help ice frog find true love

Saved for later

Exit a level with a key in the backpack

Ice frog SAVED!

Help an ice frog get home


Put a box on a backpack. Yeah, maybe that will help.


Collect 5 Dul'nahari chalices
0 / 5

It's really broken

Stop trying please

I don't need that

Push a box out of a level

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