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Personal Achievements

Quad Kill!

Get a Quadra kill

Q… Quindecuple kill?

Get a 15 killstreak


Get a headshot


Shoot off both arms from a zombie!

Three zombies with one shot!

Kill 3 zombies with one shotgun shot!

Zombie Defusal

Kill the bomb zombie

Mass murder!

Kill 100 zombies


Kill 500 zombies


Kill 1000 zombies

Reached Level 5!

Reach Level 5

Reached Level 10!

Reach Level 10

Reached Level 50!

Reach Level 50

Reached Level 100

Reach Level 100

It's Looting Time!

Open your first lootbox


Open 25 Lootboxes


Open 100 Lootboxes


Win your 1st match


Win 10 matches


Win 20 matches

Natural Born Killer

Win 50 matches


Win 100 matches

Not a scratch!

Survive wave 10 with 100 HP

Close call...

Survive a wave with less than 10 HP

Death from above

Die from Arrow Rain

Death by gas

Die from Poison Gas

Death by explosions

Die from Grenade Rain

Ouch... My foot!

Get stuck in a bear trap

Lose on wave 1


Powered Up

Pick up a Powerup

Burn baby burn

Kill a zombie with incendiary ammo

Second Wind

Pick up a health powerup while below 10 HP


Destroy a destructible mesh

Cool guys don't look at explosions

Blow up an explosive barrel