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Personal Achievements

Endless 30 Seconds

Survive 30 Seconds in Endless

Endless 60 Seconds

Survive 60 Seconds in Endless

Endless 2 Minutes

Survive 2 Minutes in Endless

Endless Hardcore 30 Seconds

Survive 30 Seconds in Endless Hardcore

Won Spreader Zone

Beat the Spreader Zone

Won Sploder Zone

Beat the Sploder Zone

Won Beamer Zone

Beat the Beamer Zone

Won Flasher Zone

Beat the Flasher Zone

Won Pulser Zone

Beat the Pulser Zone

Won Homer Zone

Beat the Homer Zone

Won Chainer Zone

Beat the Chainer Zone

Won Flamer Zone

Beat the Flamer Zone

Won Mega Boss

Beat the Mega Boss

Won Super Boss

Beat the Super Boss

Won Ultra Boss

Beat the Ultra Boss

Customize Ship

Wow, how creative!

Zones Complete

Complete ALL Zones, WOAH.

Bosses Complete

Complete ALL Bosses, WOAH.

Ballpit 30 Seconds

Clear ballpit in under 30 seconds

Hardcore Pacifist


Too Soon

Only the good ones die young...

Practice Makes Perfect

G1T G00D

Pink Power

"Real SPINGUNs wear pink."

Endless Cursed 60 Seconds

Survive 60 Seconds in Endless Cursed

Endless Winter


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