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Personal Achievements

But a Green Rookie

Finish Green grade party

Don't Be Feeling Blue Tonight

Finish Blue grade party

They Wear the Colour of Gold

Finish Yellow grade party

Money Runs Red

Finish Red grade party


Finish Velvet grade party

Trying to Avoid Bad Taste

Collect 25 party themes
0 / 25

The Deck of Art

Collect 50 party themes
0 / 50

Theme Park

Collect all party themes

I Don't Pay You to Think!

Hire all Green grade personnel

No Openings

Hire all Blue grade personnel

I Can Afford Paying Them, You Know

Hire all Yellow grade personnel

Minimum Wage Tip

Hire all Red grade personnel

Schedule for a Year Ahead

Hire all Velvet grade personnel

The $treak

Throw three successful parties in a row

Seven Axes Luck

Throw seven successful parties in a row

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just a Tiny Businessman

Reach level 25
0 / 25

Respect Me, I'm an Entrepreneur

Reach level 50
0 / 50

Trust Me, I'm a Producer

Reach level one hundred
0 / 100

#as#tag W#ore

Get 100 likes during one party

Do I Buy Subscribers? xD

Get 250 likes during one party

InstaCat ;-]

Get 500 likes during one party

They Call Me "Mr. Million Views" B-)

Get 1k likes during one party

Everythin' Criss=)

You have completed every Arcus Poole quest and everythin' criss

Her Wretched Fight

You have completed every Marena's quest and almost made her... happy

XXI Century's Robin Hood

You have completed every Scott Tyler's quest and still have no idea how to call the man

Harris the Preserver

You have completed every Seth Harris's quest and got the WHEEL spinning

Same Old Knees Up...

You have competed every tutorial quest, and still Pris weren't impressed

ZERO Tolerance

Complete every quest in the feud between Seth Harris and Marena


Complete the Final Party

Things Went South by the SouthWest

You threw the worst party of the month

Raving Cat Has Gotten Fat

You threw the most expensive party of the month and completed the challenge quest from Pris McBride



A Pride of LYONs

Your threw the most like-able party of the month and completed the challenge quest from Edward Namhart

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