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Personal Achievements

Training Montage

Meet Bounce and complete GPS' induction.

Paradise Isles

Earn the Master Stamp in Paradise Isles.

Parcel Peaks

Earn the Master Stamp in Parcel Peaks.

Isla Cartulina

Earn the Master Stamp in Isla Cartulina.

Collection Agent

Find all of the Golden Tape on every world.

Heroic Saviour

Find and rescue every Zippie on every world.

Mystery Uncoverer

Find and read a Mystery Diary.

Signpost Finder

Receive a gift from a Giving Post.

The Name of the Game

Unbox 216 times.
0 / 216

Blasting Off Again

Slam or shoot 50 Wild Cards with fireworks.
0 / 50

Master Exploder

Slam or shoot 500 Wild Cards with fireworks.
0 / 500

Tyre-d Out

Find and drive a vehicle for the first time.

Sweet Disguise

Customise your box for the first time.

Box in a China Shop

Knock over 1000 things.
0 / 1,000


Earn a 100% rating on every world. (Find every Stamp, Golden Tape, Trapped Zippie and defeat the boss)