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You are a rookie at dying

Don't worry you'll get better. I promise.
0 / 10

You are getting better at dying

I knew you could do it.
0 / 50

You make death look easy

Really really easy.
0 / 100

Master Turtle Killer

Turtles are ugly. You must think so.
0 / 100

Bat Swatter

Dang things don't stop coming.
0 / 300

Fisher of fish

Tons of fish sticks!
0 / 300

Pinch Pinch

Don't be so Crabby.
0 / 300

Now your gear is super sticky

You'll feel bad when you get to the end of the game.
0 / 500

You have become death

Wow. Seriously proud of your commitment.
0 / 500

Congrats you have a friend!

You have a real live friend! You are now in the top %1 of gamers.