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Personal Achievements

A Long Way Down

Reach the second level of the Dungeon of Doom.

Dare Devil

Quaff an unidentified potion.

Knife Fighter

Defeat 20 enemies with the same dagger.


Identify a sword by defeating 20 enemies with it.

Feel the Force

Read a Scroll of Detect Magic.

You Lucky Bastard

Use a scroll to identify a benevolent magic weapon or armor.

Better Safe than Sorry

Use a scroll to identified a cursed magic item.

Nimble Fingers

Pick a lock on a door or chest.

Like a True Tombraider

Disarm a trap.

You Should Move To Hamelen

Kill 100 rats in a single dungeon run.

Better Than the Pied Piper

Slay a giant poisonous rat.

Fighting Fire with Steel

Defeat a kobold mage.

Your Very First Goblin!

Defeat a goblin

Batteries Not Included

Recharge a spent magic staff.

Finders Keepers

Collect 48 arrows.

Deep Delver

Discover 5 levels in the Dungeon of Doom.

Rest The Bones

Put a Skeleton permanently to rest.

Simply Being British

Brew some tea.

Tribal Teeth

Craft a necklace of orc teeth.

Solid as a Rock

Defeat a Winged Gargoyle.

A Magical Secret...

Copy a Scroll of Enchanting.

The Fountain of Youth

Craft a Potion of Life.

Blood, Sweat, and Magic

Forge a runic item.

King of The Ocean

Defeat 20 enemies with the same trident.

Impaler of Vlads

Kill the Vampire Lord.

Like a True Odysseus

Slay the Cyclops.

Who's The Boss?

Kill the Conjurer.

No More to Explore?

Discover all levels in the Dungeon of Doom.

Saint George

Slay a real Dragon!

Brave or Foolish?

Discover 7 levels in a hard game after starting without any equipment (except for your cloak)


Escape the Dungeon of Doom

Nine-Jah Repellent

Defeat the Kobold Nine-Jah

The Butchers Quest

Kill the Goblin Butcher

No Steroids

Discover 12 levels on Normal or Hard without using more than 1 Potion of Strength


Discover 4 levels on Normal or Hard without using any Healing Potions


Discover 8 levels on Normal or Hard without using more than 1 Potion of Life

Avoid a Fiery Fate

Trigger the Staff of Fiery Doom and live...

The Ultimate Trophy

Forge a Staff of White Fire

Stolen Lives

You used the a Staff of Steal Life to heal 20 times


Best the Goblin Master Swordmaster

The Root of Evil

Destroy the Monstrous Vine

Heel Boy!

Defeat Big Dog

Knight Errant

Put the Void Knight to rest

A Sword with a Sting

Kill 20 enemies with the sword Fang

Fire Proofed

Forge the Fire Ant Armor

Hell Yeah!

Enchant the repeater crossbow, 'cause you can!

A Taste For Blood

Become a vampire

Pumpkin Soup

Defeat Big Jack


Visit all 9 floors of Moryondor.

Second Breakfast

Collect 12 rations in Moryondor.

Sneaky Git

Perform 20 stealth kills as the Halfling Rogue in Moryondor.

The Magic Bow

Find a magic bow in Moryondor.


Collect 72 arrows as the Elf Archer in Moryondor.


Craft a magic sword in Moryondor.

Geared Up

Craft a magic shield as the Human Warrior in Moryondor.

Lore Master

Explore the Hidden Library in the Great Hall of Moryondor.

You Shall Not Pass

Defeat the Balrog of Moryondor as the Wizard.


Defeat 24 Moryondor Goblins.

Mithril Miner

Collect 12 pieces of Mithril ore as the Dwarf Warrior in Moryondor.

It's a Tomb

Open the tomb in the Great Hall of Moryondor.

King Under The Mountain

Defeat the Goblin King of Moryondor.

A Light in Dark Places

Bring light to a particular hall in The Underdark in Moryondor.

The Lost Art

Craft a Mithril Shirt in Moryondor.

Master Dungeoneer

Unlock all owl doors in Moryondor.

Getting Ahead of Yourself?

Destroy a powerful magic ring in the depths of Moryondor..

Set For Life

Collect 1000 gold and treasure in Moryondor.


Don't fire your bow until you reach the Living Quarters in the Ripley Run.


Collect 12 Potions of Explosion in the Ripley Run.

For Breakfast

Kill 100 Eggs in the Ripley Run.

Bug Hunter

Kill 100 Crawlers in the Ripley Run.


Kill 100 Creeps in the Ripley Run.


Kill 20 Poisonous Creeps in the Ripley Run.


Score 250 Kills in the Ripley Run.


Defeat the Infector in the Ripley Run.


Defeat the Inquisitor in the Ripley Run

Ripped Her

Defeat the Visitor Queen in the Ripley Run.

Trophy Hunter

Collect 7 Throphies in the Ripley Run.


Craft a Potion of Explosion in the Ripley Run.


Craft of Potion of Resist Fire in the Ripley Run.

Patched Up

Repair your sword after it was corroded in the Ripley Run..


Get 60 Hit Points in the Ripley Run.

Dual Wielding!

Find another repeater crossbow in the Ripley Run.


Find the Staff of Lightning in the Ripley Run.


Visit all 11 floors in the Mining Colony in the Ripley Run.


Set off 12 bombs.


Identify all types of potions in a single run.


Identify all types of scrolls in a single run.


As an Adventurer defeat 4 bosses on Hard.


As a Rogue score 30 stealth kills against Kobolds, Goblins, Ratlings, Harpies, or Orcs, on Hard


As a Cleric score 50 kills on Hard without using weapons that cause piercing or slashing damage.

Master of Arms

As a Warrior kill 100 enemies with your starting sword on Hard.

Hawk Eye

As an Archer hit 24 enemy creatures in a row without missing once on Hard.


Create a fireball staff +5 as a Wizard on Hard.


As a Barbarian kill 50 enemies on Hard without healing or eating once.

Dodge This!

Kill a boss with a pistol or musket.


Set off 24 sacks of gunpowder as the Musketeer on Hard.


Explore the Mansion's Library in The Dark Ritual.

The Skull Key

Find the Skull Key in The Dark Ritual.

The Magic Circle

Find the Ritual location in The Dark Ritual.

Into The Abyss

Climb down a chasm in The Dark Ritual.

In a Hurry

Teleport back to the Mansion in The Dark Ritual.


Break 5 clay figurines in The Dark Ritual.

No Stone Unturned

Explore all 10 levels of The Dark Ritual.

Spell Caster

Cast a spell to reveal a treasure in The Dark Ritual.

The Silver Sword

Acquire the Silver Sword in The Dark Ritual.

The Obsidian Dagger

Acquire the Obsidian Dagger in The Dark Ritual.


Acquire Holy Water in The Dark Ritual.

Creep Farmer

Kill a Creep to acquire its blood in The Dark Ritual.

An Audience

Reach the court of the Crimson King in The Dark Ritual.


Craft a potion of Invisibility in The Dark Ritual.


Defeat 12 Cultists in The Dark Ritual.


Defeat a Flesh Golem in The Dark Ritual.


Defeat a Wraith in The Dark Ritual.


Face The Great Old One in The Dark Ritual.

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