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Small and deadly

Deal the final blow to an enemy Dreadnaught with your Scout

Bad Day

Enemy ship is destroyed by its own torpedo, rocket or mine

Tactical Genius

Win Mission 30 of the main campaign without using abilities


Destroy 3 enemy ships with one of your ships in a single turn

Tech Supremacy

Complete Mission 17 or Mission 18 with 100% HP

Grand Admiral

Reach Grand Admiral rank in Skirmish mode

Grim Reaper

Destroy 500 enemy ships in Skirmish mode
0 / 500

Ol' good gas

Destroy 3 enemy ships by gas cloud in a single turn

Dominant Strategy

Win 5 battles in a row in Skirmish mode without restarts

Wasn't me!

Make the last remaining enemy ship to crash into an asteroid


Collect all 90 stars in the main campaign
0 / 90