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Personal Achievements

Doomsday Specials

Buy one of the special offers in Alley Town's shop.

Ground Zero

Reach the epicenter of the plague.

Pest Control

Considerably reduce the rat population in the City.

Plague Contained

Stop the spread of the plague.

Honorary Guard

Help the city guard clean the streets of High Town.


Kill the King in the City.

Horror Killer

Kill the 3 different types of horror that can be found in the City (Hulking, Festering and Burning Horror).


Destroy a goblin village.

Smash the Matriarchy

Destroy the Harpy Nest.


Reach the Peak in Dwarven Mountains.

Dragon Slayer

Kill Skelfilegur, Ijotur and the Great Modir in the Mountains.

Big Game Hunter

Kill a Giant Boar and a Cave Bear.

Amateur Archeologist

Finish the Forgotten Ruins.

Wolf Hunter

Kill the Moontouched and Hans Mooncursed.


Kill the Great Spinner, the Spider Huntress and the Spider High Master.

Friend of the Nymphs

Finish the Deep Gardens without killing any Nymphs.

Serial King Slayer

Kill 6 different Kings (the King, Dwarven King, Fairy King, Forest King, Shadow King and Forgotten King).

Applied Student

Complete all trainings.

One Long Night

Finish the Cursed City adventure.

Friend of the Dwarves

Finish the Dwarven Mountains adventure.

Legendary Hunter

Finish the Enchanted Forest adventure.

Special Hero

Have your hero reduce his intellect considerably.

Old Acquaintances

Meet Jacknives in Alley Town after finishing the Rogue Training.

Big Family

Collect all 9 wizard familiars.

Sausage Gourmet

Eat a royal sausage.

Demon Blood

Become a demon.


Have your hero come back to life.

Rich Man

Have more than 1200 gold in one run.

The Collector

Collect all items in the game.