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Personal Achievements

The More You Know

Complete the tutorial

Bling Bling!

Collect 30 Crystal Medals

Who, What, Warehouse?

Complete all 10 Warehouse Levels

Factory Farmed

Complete all 10 Factory Levels


Complete all 10 Lab Levels

Goo'd Job!

Complete all 30 Levels

Star Child!

Collect all 30 Level Stars

Speed Demon

Collect 30 Gold Time Medals

The Keymaster

Collect 30 Key Medals


Collect 30 Heart Medals

Rock Hard

Collect 30 Skull Medals

Medal in Your Affairs

Collect 5 or more medals at once upon completing a stage

Treasure Hunter

Complete any 10 levels with Lunky


Complete any 10 levels with Meaty

Flip It Good!

Complete any 10 levels with V6

Keep It Original

Complete any 10 levels with Spuck


Get a 30x Combo


Get a 50x Combo


Get a 70x Combo

Destructive Behavior

Destroy all 3 types of breakable objects: Crate, Spike, and Saw

I Find You Dashing

Air Dash for 10 seconds

I Believe I Can Fly

Uninterrupted flight for 30 seconds

Ghost Rider

Complete a stage against a ghost from the global leaderboard


Hold over 3,000 Crystals