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Personal Achievements

Basic Training

Complete Mission Pack 1: Basic Training

Krystal Yayo

Complete Mission Pack 2: Krystal Yayo

Bombs Away

Complete Mission Pack 3: Bombs Away

Going Rogue

Complete Mission Pack 4: Going Rogue

Complete Mission Pack 5

Complete Mission Pack 5: DNA Test

Hell on Ice

Complete Mission Pack 6: Hell on Ice


Unlock Commando Mohawk in Mission Pack 1


Unlock Commando Blondie in Mission Pack 1


Unlock Commando 6-Pack in Mission Pack 1


Unlock Commando Blaze in Mission Pack 2


Unlock Commando Joker in Mission Pack 3


Unlock Commando Ricardo in Mission Pack 4


Unlock Commando Midnight in Mission Pack 4

Gator Jack

Unlock Commando Gator Jack in Mission Pack 5


Unlock Commando Berserker in Mission Pack 6

Killer Instinct

Kill 100 Enemies
1 / 100


Kill 500 Enemies
0 / 500

A Deadly Weapon

Kill 2,500 Enemies
0 / 2,500

10k Killer

Kill 10,000 Enemies
0 / 10,000

Kill Everything You See

Kill 25,000 Enemies
0 / 25,000

Rescue Ranger

Rescue 25 Commandos
0 / 25

Army of One

Rescue 100 Commandos
0 / 100

One for the Corps

Rescue 250 Commandos
0 / 250

Saving my Beloved Corps

Rescue 500 Commandos
0 / 500

No Man Left Behind

Rescue 1,000 Commandos
0 / 1,000

Silver Bullet

5,000 Enemies Killed by Bullets
0 / 5,000

Fire in the Hole

250 Enemies Killed by Explosions
0 / 250

Burn Baby Burn

250 Enemies Killed by Flames
0 / 250


500 Enemies Killed by Grenades
0 / 500

Hand-to-Hand Combat

100 Enemies Killed by Knife Stabs
0 / 100

One False Step

25 Enemies Killed by Landmines
0 / 25

Rockets Red Glare

500 Enemies Killed by Rockets
0 / 500

This is My Rifle

50,000 Bullets Fired by the Player
0 / 50,000

The Torch

10,000 Flames Fired by the Player
0 / 10,000


1,000 Grenades Thrown by the Player
0 / 1,000


1,000 Knife Stabs by the Player
0 / 1,000

Ride Them Rockets

1,000 Rockets Fired by the Player
0 / 1,000

Grab Your Privates

Rank Up a Commando to Private 1st Class

Corporal Punishment

Rank Up a Commando to Corporal


Rank Up a Commando to Sergeant

Sergeant Rock

Rank Up a Commando to Staff Sergeant


Rank Up a Commando Sergeant 1st Class

Butter Bar

Rank Up a Commando 2nd Lieutenant

Bar Hopping

Rank Up a Commando 1st Lieutenant

Oh Captain, My Captain

Rank Up a Commando Captain

Major Pain

Rank Up a Commando Major

Popcorn Colonel

Rank Up a Commando Lieutenant Colonel

Give'em the Bird

Rank Up a Commando Colonel

A Star is Born

Rank Up a Commando Brigadier General

2 is Better than One

Rank Up a Commando Major General


Rank Up a Commando Lieutenant General

Leader of the Pack

Rank Up a Commando General

Welcome to the Jungle

Complete the Tutorial Mission

Don't Drop the Soap

Survive the Dreaded Showers in Mission Pack 1

Bros Before Hoes

Kill the Rocket Bros in Mission Pack 2

Get Major Wood

Get Major Wood in Mission Pack 3

Big Pimpin'

Defeat the Anvil in Mission Pack 3

Da Bomb

Destory all the Bombs in Mission Pack 3

Oh Captain, My Captain

Rescue Captain Gary in Mission Pack 4

The Horror

Survive the Horror in Mission Pack 4

Desert Playboy

Rescue the Bunnies in Mission Pack 4

If It Bleeds We Can Kill It

Kill the Monster Yeti in Mission Pack 5

Gator Boots

Kill the Giant Gator in Mission Pack 5

Ladies and Gentleman, the Beetles!

Kill the Queen Beetle in Mission Pack 5

Play Bumper Tires

Win Bumper Tires in Mission Pack 6

Bombs Away

Defeat Boss Bomber in Mission Pack 6

Ice, Ice Baby

Survive the Ice Caves in Mission Pack 6