why do you love?
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Imagine having people talk over your dead body. E=mc2
Go backwards in time and everything will make more sense .
XXX - Warriors
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How to Save a Life...
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Do you really want to read my mind?

I've always thought of myself as a nobody... until I met "a random girl." She made me realize that I can make someone's life happy... Deep down in my heart, every moment we spent together is something that I cherished and will never forget. I just wished she gave me the chance to say goodbye one last time...

I can't help but blame myself for everything that happens. All that I want is someone who will repair my very fragile heart and another chance at love. I am dying on the inside and I can't handle another "breakup." I am just waiting for someone special that will stay loyal and love me to the very end...

I am very thankful for all of the things that everyone has taught me about life. Even though we went our seperate ways, just know that I will always be looking back at the good ol' days and all the fun times we had together. I hope that everyone finds what makes them happy... Make every moment count...

I want to go out happily and peacefully.
My deathwish is to not die alone...
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why do you love? Oct 4 @ 7:23am 
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why do you love? Oct 4 @ 7:21am 
If you really care about me send me a personal message. I will delete everyone that does not send me a message in 3 days.
why do you love? Sep 7 @ 6:14pm 
You need to grow up. I am dynamic and you are static. Just like the rest.
Clayton Sep 6 @ 9:06pm 
Why you delete :steamsad::steamsad:
grape Jul 22 @ 11:53pm 
Legitly epic I missed you