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Athens, Attiki, Greece
Ex Call of Duty® professional for teams such as
Aze Refusion, Epsilon eSports, myRevenge and more

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About me
Back in 2008, I started my competitive Call of Duty career with several cod4 promod teams, particularly Epsilon eSports and myRevenge , competing in as many Lan or Online tournaments I could. In early 2010 I left myRevenge and not long after, professional Call of Duty entirely. I was soon acquired by Unleashed Sniping as a stand-in and started playing in the competitive sniping league. By the time the CSL on MW2 was dead, I was part of the biggest EU teams such as HeKTiKGaming , NasTy Sniping , Aze Refusion , FroZen Snipers and more.

LAN & Online Events Attended:

:t39trophy:1st Gamersject Lan event Athens COD4
:t39trophy:1st 2v2 inSpot Athens LAN COD4⠀⠀⠀
:t39trophy:1st 5v5 ESL Europe Cup MW2
:t39trophy:1st 3v3 ESL Europe Cup MW2
:t39trophy:1st 2v2 G NET Athens Lan COD4
:t39trophy:1st 1v1 BO Nuketown community tournament
:t39trophy:1st BLACKOUT Solo Tournament by g4g
:t39trophy:1st 1v1 COD2 Lan event by Battlenet Arena
:t39trophy:1st 5v5 COD2 Lan event by Battlenet Arena

:Clippp: The fastest 1v1 ever recorded on MW2 (00:00:46)
:Clippp: My IRL monitor recording 1v1 playlist on MW2
:Clippp: BO4 Aim Snapping Nuclear
:Clippp: COD4 95-9 Sniper Only Killhouse
:Clippp: COD4 Pub Highlights

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add me m8 need some people that are down to qs, wanna get better at qs again
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Kyrreh 19 дек. 2019 в 20:39 
hey you removed me? :(
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ohh my god you are the best
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